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Computer Hardware:

[H]ardOCP - WE don't even know what the OCP stands for anymore. - The #1 Source for AMD Reviews and Information


Ars Technica The PC enthusiast's resource

ExtremeTech - Deep technology for enthusiasts and professionals - Overclocking, Benchmarks, 

Price Watch - Street Price Search Engine

Sharky Extreme

TechTV The Screen Savers

The Tech Report - Personal computing explored

Tom's Hardware Guide

VIAHardware Dot Com


Penny Arcade

Player vs Player

Exploding Dog


Ain't It Cool News


Coming Attractions

Corona's Test Pattern

Dark Horizons

DVD Review - DVD news, information, releases and everything DVD

DVDFILE.COM The Force is strong with this one

Mile High Comics presents... NEWSARAMA

The Last Comic Site - Sifting through the four color ashes...

Forums I hang out at:

Ars OpenForum 2.0a - powered by Infopop

AtariAge Message Boards

broadband Comcast Cable

CoFR bbs @

Gone Gold Forum

Toon Zone Forums - Adult Swim

Gaming News:

[ gaminggroove ] - your #1 gaming source!

Blue's News - All the carnage that's fit to post!

Evil Avatar - The Weakly Web News

GameSpot All

Gone Gold - The New Releases Site

Quarter to Three


TechTV Extended Play

Tycoon Resource - The Gamers' Choice!

Voodoo Extreme - Honey Roasted 3D Gaming News