Busby 3D review:Concept: Busby 3D, the game that everyone loves to hate, is a 3D
platformer. You control Busby through 15 3D worlds trying to stop the
evil plans of Poly and Ester. Game play is very similar to Mario 64 isstyle.
Control: All the buttons on the control pad are used and are needed to
complete your quest, but for the most part, the index buttons don't
come into play all that often. Being a 3D platformer, the learn curve
is a bit steep when compared to games like Crash Bandicoot and Rayman
but they are simpler that Mario 64. You can expect several hours of
practicing jumps before you can call yourself a master of Busby 3D.
Its very frustrating to miss within inches of stomping on a Woolie
and then taking a hit. Once you get the hang of it though, stomping
the green aliens flat will be a piece of cake. 3 stars out of 5
Gameplay: This is where Busby 3D shines. The challenges isn't overly
difficult but they do require thought. Getting from point A to point
B may appear straight forward but it may be far easier to go another
way. The layout of the levels are a puzzle to be solved. Rushing
through a level might shorting gameplay but it takes away from the
enjoyment and most likely your supply of lives. Exploring ever part of
each level, looking for secrets and the all important rocket pieces
is very rewarding in itself. I really want to give 5 stars out of 5
but I can't solely because there are better games of this type. 4stars out of 5
Graphics: Well, Busby 3D is no Crash or Mario 64 when it comes to
graphics. The graphics are pleasing. Using High res graphics with a
minimum use of textures creates a vibrate cartoon feel. This doesn't
appeal to everyone and I have to admit that a lower resolution with
more textures would have been nice. I personally found the graphics
acceptable and worked well with the game. The big exceptions to this
are the opening and closing FMV segments. I have personally seen
better FMV on the Sega CD. However the between level FMV looks good,
so I don't know what went wrong. 3 stars out of 5
Sounds: Ugh! This is the weak part of the whole game. My god, could
they have picked anyone worse to play Busby's voice? Luckily you can
shut him up but then they have the music. Busby 3D is a game where 
you want to take your time but the music gets on your nerves quickly.
1 star out of 5
Playability: This game lasted me many hours. It took longer to finish
that Crash did. When I was through, I still wanted to go back and
play certain levels. 4 stars out of 5Overall Rating: 3 stars out of 5


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