Mail Bag

From time to time, I get some interesting email. Here is one I got from a developer of the game.:

"Nice to know there is a fan of the Duckman game out there...

My name is Darren Bartlett, and I was a partner at Illusions Gaming Company,
and the Creative Director and Lead Designer on the Duckman project. It was
a joy to produce, and Playmates (along with Paramount) gave us free reign.
I don't think they realized what they were getting until the project was
done. And surprisingly, it made it that far! Unfortunately, it was never
released in the US,

We shuttered the doors of Illusions about 3 years ago. After releasing
Duckman, we went on to produce 2 Beavis and Butt-head titles for GT
Interactive. Quite a shock switching from what I consider a very
sophisticated (although sometimes moronic) to a rather unsophisticated (and
even more moronic) property.

Since The Illusions Gaming Company, I've formed another company called
Liquid Development -- a company dedicated to providing art resources for
video more full development for us! Our first titles were with
The 3DO Comopany. We designed and modeled 25 Major League Baseball stadiums
for High Heat Baseball, and we helped create over 200 objects, including
vehicles, buildings, and boss-characters for Army Men Green Rogue.
Recently, we completed character design for Harry Potter Online (Origin),
and have played a role in James Bond: The World is not Enough for EA.
Currently, we're working with Shiny Entertainment on assets for their
upcoming Matrix II game.

Anyway-- just waned to pop in and say hi!


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