Heroes of Might and Magic I: Russian rules

Here is a neat way to play multi-player Heroes of Might in Magic. 

Hello Robert! 

As you probably know the HoMM is becoming popular in our country too (in wild Russia) :). I and my friends are great fans of this game and have spent a lot of time playing it in MultiPlayer Mode 

But we've found that this mode of HoMM is not the best to play. Too much time each player has to spend, waiting for others to make their turns. It is boring, don't you think so? :) 

To solve this problem we suggest another way to play in multyplayer mode. For example, if 4 people want to play together each one will spend no more than 5 minutes, waiting for s/his turn (even on the latests stages of the game!) Our method is quite simple:
1) Players should form 2 pairs and play 2 against 2. (in any 4-player game such kind of allyance will appear anyway)
2) Start multiplayer game for 2 (!) human players and no computers 
3) Each player (real one, one of 4) can buy no more than 1 Hero. S/He CANNOT buy another until the first one is killed or dissmised!
4) Play the game 2 heroes against 2 and have a lot of fun!

We have spent 3 days (with two 6-hours breaks for sleep) playing this way and enjoyed it deadly! I would strongly recommend it (sure, only if you don't affraid of spending such a long time) 

If you want to play cooperatively with only 1 person (not 3) - try to play STANDARD GAME against computers with only 2 heroes (1 per each player). It's really hard, but very interesting and very.. mmm. dynamic! 

Do you know another methods to play this glorious game? (against each other, for sure... who want to play with stupid machine? :)) 

With best regards from cold :) Russia, 

Max and the others :) 

[if would like to answer my letter please send it to: max@skulachv.genebee.msu.su] 

Privet! (Hi! in Russian :))