Might and Magic I: Secret to the Inner Sanctum

Systems: Apple 2, Apple Mac, IBM PC, C64/128, NES
Sure the graphics were primitives. Might and Magic seemed like a Wizardry clone. However the play mechanics were fresh and the quest was long. Several months of dedication was required to finish this one off. The big advantage was that the game didn't repeat over and over. There were many different locations to explore and the monsters were different. Just because you went up a level, the trolls didn't. 

Back of the Box Flashback for Might and Magic I

We's love to tell you. We really would. Because discovering the surprising secret is what Might and Magic is all about. But you're going to have to unravel it on your own. If you can, that is.
First, you'll have to find the Inner Sactum itself. Which is no piece of cake, since its not on the map. You'll cross oceans, climb mountians, search through castles and dungeons, all in 3-D color perspective. You'll use 94 different spells and more than 250 items of magic to deal with over 200 monsters of various description and personality profiles. 
You'll spend half your time in combat and the rest of the time patting yourself on the back for finally finding a game that takes you seriously. No, we can't reveal the Secret of the Inner Sanctum. But we can promise that you'll never get tired of trying to discover it for yourself.
You see, might and Magic reacts differently to each player. And since no two players are alike, no two quest for the Secret of the Inner Sanctum are alike. Of course, after you play might and Magic a few hundred times, you'll know all of this. But you might not know the Secret.

Solution for Might and Magic I: Secret to the Inner Sanctum

A list of magic spells 

A map