Part 1

This walkthru is designed to assist you in finding the

Inner Sanctum in Varn. There is much to explore and find in

Varn and many puzzles to figure out. It should be noted that

you will need at least 54 sheets of graph paper to map all

the game. I used a composition book that had quadrille

(graph) sheets, and it was very helpful. Copies of the

mapping sheet they give you in the book are also very good.


In general, follow the guidelines in the documentation.

Make sure, though, that all your characters have good END

and that your wizard has SPEED of at least 15. If you can be

patient enough, all characters should have also have

ACCURACY over 11. Having a Cleric with low SPEED can be

helpful, since he/she will go last in melee and be able to

cure folks who have been injured during the round. There is

an advantage in having all female characters, but if you

don't care for that, it's not mandatory. There also can be

an advantage in having characters all the same alignment.

You should have a character in each character class. Keep in

mind that all of your characters can be in melee, so you

don't want to have many (like wizards) that are vulnerable.


You begin the game in the Inn of Sorpigal. A map of

Sorpigal is provided in the documentation, but this is by no

means complete. Explore there thoroughly and keep good

notes. Do not go outside of Sorpigal until you are at least

3rd level; there's lots to explore, and the monsters will be

at least a match for you. Try to move through all walls,

since there are hidden doors that can only be discovered

this way. Make sure you find the Leprechaun, he's your easy

ticket to the other four cities of Varn. He's behind a

hidden door, close to the exit to the outside at x11,y3. Be

aware that there is no Leprechaun in any other city, so

you'll have to walk back. Don't go to City #4 (Dusk) until

you've gotten the FLY Spell. Also behind a hidden door is

the statue of a frog (x14,y14). He will tell you in areas

like him (black and white checked) you will find what you

need to help Og. The Og quest is not vital to the completion

of the game, but like many other quests, it adds depth (and

points to your final score).

The monsters will give about 40-80 experience points per

battle, and since you need approximately 2000 to go up a

level, it will be slow going. Make sure you cast your

Leather Skin Spell after resting and before adventuring. In

fact, throughout the game, always cast any Protection spell

available to you. Avoid Sprites -- they cast curses which

make it very difficult to hit them or any other monster with

them. When trying to open chests, don't bother with the

Detect Magic spell, it's not necessary. Opening chests can

severely damage or kill members in your party. If you have

anyone in the party who is unconscious, REST before opening

a chest.

When buying food, make sure everyone has at least 5 gold.

Food prices vary from city to city, but Sorpigal is the

least expensive place to buy food in Varn. If you make

donations to the temple, you will eventually be awarded with

all of the Protection spells cast at their highest possible

level. They will go away when you rest, but they can still

be very helpful. Temple donation prices also vary from town

to town. The bars are a good source of information, make

sure you have a drink from time to time.

There are caverns below Sorpigal and if your characters are

2nd/3rd level, they should be able to explore them safely.

Be sure to get the vellum scroll from the wizard; he will

tell you to deliver it to a wizard in Erliquin.


I have designed this as a reference work, since you can be

doing many things at any given time. A "walkthru" just isn't

possible with this game. First will be a list of the areas

and what can be found in them, and then will be a list of

significant places and items and where they can be found.

Assume that any location listed is accessible by the

ETHERIALIZE or TELEPORT spells unless noted. There are many

places (not mentioned in this walkthru) where magic doesn't

work. Generally speaking, it won't be over a wide area, but

be very careful of using a transportation spell to get to a

place where magic doesn't work, and then resting, since you

will not be able to cast the spell to get back.


Sorpigal is Town #1.

Portsmith (Town #2; B3 x3,y3): This city is tough on male

characters, and if you didn't follow my advice, and have

some in your party, you might consider exploring the cave

below Portsmith for the fountain that reverses the sex of

your characters. Zam is in Portsmith, and so is the

Succubus. Zam is hidden behind a door at x11,y0. The

succubus is hidden behind a door at x10,y4. Do not enter

that door unless your characters are at least 15th level,

since there is no way out, and the Succubus and her

accompanying devils are very tough. There are stairs down to

a cave at x0,y8.

Algary (Town #3; D4 x7,y7): Behind the Inn in Algary is the

Swaze Pit. The Swaze Pit is nothing but unending encounters,

so it is a good place to take your characters for experience

points. There are also a couple of Portals that take you to

various dungeons. Go through them if you'd like, but they

aren't the only way to get to the dungeons.

Dusk (Town #4; E1 x9,y11): Telengar (the person the wizard

in Erliquin told you to deliver the scroll to) is at x8,y0.

The Forbidden Crypt contains a bunch of pretty nasty

monsters, but at the end of it, you'll find an undead

amulet, useful for casting Turn Undead. Food is very

expensive here (200gp for 40 food), so make sure you have a

lot of food before you come. Donations to the temple, on the

other hand, are quite cheap (25gp) so this is a good place

to get all those helpful spells. There are stairs leading

down to a dungeon at x14,y0.

Erliquin (Town #5; B1 x13,y1): The wizard Agar is hidden

behind the Inn at x2,y5. The Town Treasure is at x15,y6. If

you steal it, you will be accosted by guards. The guards are

very very tough; so unless you are level 20+, don't try to

fight them. If you give in, you will get a jail sentence

that will age your characters that many years. Really, the

treasure isn't worth it.

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1987 by Jennifer L. King.

All rights reserved.

This walkthru is distributed by KAZ (the KING)


Part 2


A1: The passage to Castle Doom is at x7,y15. You'll need

the gold key to finish up Castle Doom. There is a Pool of

Health at x12,y1 which grants +2 to END. In the forests

around x5,y2, you can fight the Dark Rider. He is the one

who can help you improve the payoff on the Wheel of Luck.

A2: The Pirate's Secret Cove is at x2,y4 and at x2,y5

(there are two of them). The Dragon's Tooth is at x11,y3.

The King's Pass is at x0,y15 (can't FLY to that area).

A3: x3,y6 the Wheel of Luck. There are 4 monsters shown on

the map: the Sea Serpent, the Scorpion, the Dark Rider, and

the Dragon. The more monsters you kill, the better you will

do when spinning the wheel. They are in the areas shown on

the map, but precise locations aren't possible, since they

can move.

A4: bridge at x4,y6. At that bridge, Gypsies' (found in C2)

colors will be asked for. If you answer correctly (at least

3 members of party), walk across to x4,y2 and get the coral

key. An incorrect answer will eradicate a character, so be

careful. You cannot teleport and get the key.

B1: Silver Key at x4,y7. You must enter the passage to the

key from x0,y6. Erliquin is at x13,y1. Blackridge Castle

South is at x11,y2. Blackridge Castle North is at x14,y10.

The Ancient Ruins are at x12,y5. To get to the Ancient Ruins

you must use the Slide from inside Blackridge South Castle

or find the teleport that goes from one side of Erliquin's

dungeon to the other. There is a backdoor to Erliquin at

x14,y1, accessible from one of the Algary portals.

B2: There is the riddle of the Ice Princess at x4,y4. The

answer to the riddle is LOVE. Search after giving the

answer, and you will get a key. Answer the riddle twice, and

you will get a second key. The first should be bronze and

the second diamond. The Warrior's Stronghold (Raven's Lair)

is at x9,y9. A cave is at x8,y4.

B3: Portsmith is at x3,y3. Enchanted Forest Stronghold

(also called the Minotaur's Stronghold) is at x14,y2. It is

difficult to get there, so keep experimenting. Wolf Castle

is at x9,y13. Wizard Ranalou's cave is at x0,y7. Blyth's

Peak is at B3 x9,y6.

B4: Trivia Island is at the southern part of the map.

Normally you must pay 500 gold, but there is a place at

x15,y15 where you can pull the lever and then no payment is

required. The questions and answers:

Who is the voluptuous one? Laura

Who's lost sight? Og

Where's the very latest? Erliquin

Who be ye? I be me

You'll get 50 gems for answering each question correctly.

C1: If you have gotten the clues from Zom and Zam, at

x15,y15 search, and you'll find a ruby whistle, necessary to

enter the Enchanted Forest Stronghold. You must stay alive

between talking to Zom and Zam and searching for the key;

otherwise you, the player, will have the clues, but your

characters won't. There are six fountains from x10,y14

through x5,y14. The first, fourth, fifth, and sixth

fountains are poison -- don't drink from them. The second

fountain will give your spell casters all the appropriate

spells (including level 7) for their class. The third

fountain will add to the MIGHT of all the characters that

drink. If your party is less than level 12 or so, these

fountains will be necessary to battle the ambushes at the

Merchant's Wagons. The effects of the fountains wear off

after resting. One of the Merchant's Wagon's will contain a

merchant's pass, necessary to completely explore the

castles. The Merchant's Wagons are in the forested area

between x6,y5, x9,y5, x9,y9 and x6,y9. You may have to

conquer several ambushes before finally finding the pass;

however, the actual pass is located at x3,y8.

C2: Sorpigal is at x10,y10. There is a toothless Gypsy seer

at x9,y11. Make sure each character talks to her, and write

down what she tells you. It'll be necessary to finish the

game. There is a cave at x15,y11. The only entrance to

Raven's Lair (in B2) is at x0,y2 guarded by statues that

will come to life. At x15,y8 there will be an avalanche that

will block your return.

C3: Wyvern's Eye at x7,y7. The wyverns are tough for young

characters, but they provide great experience when you are

strong enough to take them on. Approach x8,y0 from the west.

The clue given pertains to the Og problem. There is an old

hermit at x2,y10. He will trade with you, but make sure your

character in the first slot doesn't have anything valuable

in his/her pack because the hermit will take it. You'll get

a couple of items for pirates from him. The exiled Lord

Kilburn is at x6,y14. He's past a few hidden doors. He will

give you a map of the desert.

C4: Jolly Raven Shipwreck x8,y13. Portal at x13,y13 sends

you to the bottom of City of Gold Dungeon (E4 4th level).

Volcanic island: You need the coral key to enter cave at


D1: This is mostly desert. Make sure you have plenty of

food or the food spell available before trying to walk

across. Also, make sure you have the map of the desert

(found in C3), since without it, you'll be lost. The

tradesmen of the desert are found at x10,y13. The goods they

give you not only are a quest, but will replenish your food

supply. Scorpions may be found in the desert here.

D2: Pool of Personality (+2 or +4) at x10,y12. Three

clerics heal curses, and conditions. Message at x9,y10.

D3: Man at x0,y2. See him before climbing all trees. There

are 19 trees. If you climb all without leaving the area, you

get a choice of gold, gems, or a magic item, The magic items

can be wonderful. Cave at x7,y13.

D4: Og at x7,y1. You must have the two idols (the ruby idol

is not one of them), otherwise he won't talk to you. The

answer to his question is Queen to King's level 1. Algary is

at x7,y7

E1: Dusk at x9,y11. Castle Dragadune ruins at x12,y12.

Sands of Time (makes your characters younger) at x3,y3 and

guarded by some prehistoric uglies. Statue of Judgement at

x9,y12. You must have encountered the prisoners in the

castles before the Statue of Judgement will give you

experience points (more about this in the Castles section).

E2: Oasis at x3,y11. There is an alien at x3,y11. Different

things will happen depending on what you choose; so be nice.

At x3,y13 get intellect raised.

E3: x12,y6 a password is requested. To get the password, go

to x7,y2 and listen to the harper. After getting the

password, you can enter King Alamar's castle at x14,y7. A

diamond door is located at x1,y4. Beyond it is the Astral


E4: caves at x10,y5, This is the Building of Gold. Dragon

City Town Meeting at x8,y5. DO NOT interrupt the meeting

unless you are level 25+. This is a VERY tough fight. There

are a couple of interesting items at x2,y6 and x3,y6.


In every castle you will find a silver message. The

interleaf to explain these messages can be found in Castle

Doom. Also in every castle, you'll find a prisoner. The

amount of experience points that you get at the Statue of

Judgement will depend on your treatment of those prisoners

and each character's alignment. Keep in mind that the type

of prisoner and what you do to it will affect the experience

points. For example, if a good character lets a demon go,

that will be counted against him/her, even though letting a

chained prisoner go might be considered a good deed. Also,

the only one who gains from just leaving is a neutral



All castles except Dragadune contain Lords that will send

you on quests. There are only a few quests that you must

complete in order to finish the game, but all quests give

experience points and are a good way to explore the world of

Varn. If a quest is inconvenient or too difficult, cast

Remove Quest and come back to it at a better time. In order

to see the Lords, you must have a merchant's pass (in order

to see Lord Alamar you must have a merchant's pass and a

King's pass) found in C1. Make sure that any items that the

Lords request are in the first character's back pack,

otherwise the Lord won't acknowledge that you've finished

the quest.

Blackridge North (B1 x14,y10): Prisoner at x12,y2. Gold

message at x9,y5. Lord Inspectron is the Lord of this castle

and the following are the quests he'll send you on and how

to complete the quests:

1. Find Ancient Ruins in Quivering Forest: B1 x12,y5. Use

the slide found in Blackridge South Castle or enter through

the caverns of Erliquin.

2. Visit Blythe's Peak and report: B3 x9,y6 and return.

3. The people of the desert have much to trade. Bring me a

sample of their goods: D1 x10,y13. Make sure when you trade,

the first character has nothing of value in the first slot

of his/her pack.

4. Find the Shrine of Oskar in the caves below Dusk: In

Dusk take the stairs at x14,y0. The Shrine is at x0,y15.

5. Find the fabled fountain in Dragadune: Dragadune is at

E1 x12,y12. The fountain exchanges gold for experience

points and is located at x13,y15.

6. Solve the Riddle of the Ruby: Warrior's Stronghold at B2

x9,y9. Difficult to get to. The riddle is at x7,y11 in the

middle of the room. The answer is crystal, and giving the

correct answer will get you a crystal key.

7. Defeat the Stronghold in the Enchanted Forest: The

Stronghold is at B3 x14,y2. You will not be able to do this

quest unless you have delivered the scroll to the wizards,

talked to Zom and Zam, and gotten the Ruby whistle. Assuming

you have the whistle, blow it the appropriate number of

times and then head for the stairs located at x1,y12 or

x14,y12. Go down, and you'll have to find the Minotaur,

located at x8,y14. Trying to map your way to the Minotaur is

a nightmare; so if you have the Etherealize spell, use it

instead. Kill the Minotaur (as with the Succubus, below, a

retreat will be enough to fulfill the quest) and then go to

x3,y4. DO NOT desecrate the doggie; if you search after

answering the question, you will get a gold key. If after

having done all this, you don't get a gold key, you have a

buggy copy and will have to repeat the visit to Zom and Zam,

kill the Minotaur again and then visit the dog a second

time. If that doesn't work, try using the original D disk

that came with the game instead of a copy; otherwise, you'll

have to write Activision for a new disk. You must get the

gold key to finish the game.

Castle Blackridge South: Prisoner at x13,y2. Slide at

x11,y11 (enter dark area at x3,y11). Silver message at

x15,y7. Lord Hacker is the Lord of this castle and the

following are the quests he'll send you on and how to

complete the quests:

1. Bring garlic: found in Sorpigal Blacksmith store.

2. Bring wolfsbane: found in Algary.

3. Bring belladonna: found in Blacksmith's store in Dusk.

4. Bring head of Medusa: Caves in B2 located at x8,y4. The

head is located at x15,y3.

5. Bring eye of Wyvern: C3 x7,y7. Defeat the Wyverns for

the eye.

6. Dragon's Tooth: A2 x11,y3. Defeat the Dragons for the


7. Bring ring of Okrim: B1 x13y5 level 1 x12y12. Defeat

Okrim to get the ring.

If you ask Lord Hacker for an 8th quest, you will lose all

in your backpacks and wind up on the Astral Plane.

Wolf Castle: Prisoner at x12,y4. Silver message at x0,y1.

Lord Ironfist is the Lord of this castle and the following

are the quests he'll send you on and how to complete the


1. Find stronghold in Raven's Wood: B2 x9,y9.

2. Find Lord Kilburn: C3 x6,y14.

3. Find the secret of Portsmith: The succubus, Portsmith,

x10,y4. You don't have to actually defeat her; you will

still succeed in the quest if you successfully retreat. It

is truly best to have no male members in the party in this


4. Find the Pirate's secret cove: A2 x2,y4.

5. Find the Shipwreck of the Jolly Roger: C4 x8,y13.

6. Defeat the Pirate's Ghost Ship, Anarchist. B4 moves

around the Western part of ocean.

7. Defeat stronghold in Raven's Wood: B2 x9,y9 second level

x14,y1. Lord Archer. If you succumb to his demands,you've

defeated him. Don't go with any gold.

Ruins of Castle Dragadune: Prisoner at x14,y1. Silver

message at x10,y3. There is no Lord of this castle. You can

have all your gold turned into experience points at x13,y15.

At x1,y1, all those who are worthy are granted +2 luck. At

x5,y5 you find the answer to one of the "Trivia" questions.

Dragadune is a bit unusual in that it is the only castle

with multiple levels. The stairs down to level 2 (20' under)

are located at x4,y10 (you will need Etherialize to use

these stairs) and at x7,y15. You can also get into and out

of this level at x0,y0. This takes you to the dungeon below

Dusk (x15,y12). There is not much on this level but a

message about the Clerics of the South being below. Stairs

down are at x8,y15. The third level contains some VERY tough

monsters and some of the most confusing mapping problems in

the game. Fighting through is worth it, however, since at

x0,y12 you find the Clerics of the South. They will ask you

to find the three tones. If you find them and come back the

Clerics will bless you. Their blessing allows you to return

to the 7 places in the game that increase your stats and

they will be increased again! There are 6 places where the

tones appear (they move around, and so will you) they are;

x0,y6; x0,y8; x6,y0; x8,x0; x15,y6; x15,y8.

Mount Doom: Prisoner at x1,y14. Silver message at x1,y1. If

you don't have the gold key, don't enter the spiral. The

interleaf for the silver messages is at x15,y0. The

interleaf for the gold messages is at x15,y15. To solve the

clues, line up the 6 silver messages in order of the

interleaf. Read from top to bottom one letter at a time.

When you reach the bottom go to the next column. This will

tell you all the places in the game to raise stats. Gold

interleaf: line up all 9 gold messages in order of the

interleaf. Read each word from top to bottom. This tells you

how to finish the game. If you do have the gold key, enter

the spiral at x4,y3 (hidden door). You will have to map

carefully since there are three spaces to which you must

jump to get to the center. At the center will be King

Alamar, who will give you an Eye of Goros and instruct you

to confront the false King Alamar with the Eye.

Castle Alamar: Prisoner at x2,y2. Silver message at x7,y13.

To properly explore this castle, you will need the King's

pass (found in A2) and the Eye of Goros (found in Mount

Doom). If you don't have the right items, King Alamar will

send you on a quest that cannot be solved. Assuming you have

the right items, confront the King with the Eye of Goros. He

will turn into a demon, and throw you into the Soul Maze. To

get out, you must find out the demon's name. His name is

Sheltem and is spelled out by the white walls in the

dungeon. After doing that, you will be cleared to enter the

Inner Sanctum.

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1987 by Jennifer L. King.

All rights reserved.

This walkthru is distributed by KAZ (the KING)


Part 3


Gold messages are found in dungeons. I will first describe

the dungeons found under cities and then the ones outdoors.

Algary has no dungeon underneath it.

Sorpigal caverns: Steps up/down at x14,y0. Pick up vellum

scroll at x1,y2. Nothing else of note.

Portsmith dungeon: Steps up/down at x8,y0. Bronze door at

x8,y2 (you'll need the bronze key to enter). Do not disturb

the Demons in Conference (x8,y7) unless you can take the

Succubus upstairs, these guys will eat your lunch. The

bronze key can be found in B2. Fountain at x11,y15 reverses

the sex of each character. As you have found out upstairs,

males are drained in Portsmith. The best way to solve this

problem is to leave your ladies at the inn and have the

gents come down to this pool. If you have only 1 or 2 men,

you may want to reverse the ladies first, then go back to

the inn and reverse the whole party. The fountain at x4,y13

is poison, and the one at x0,y11 causes disease. There is a

treasure pool at x5,y11, and for those who are worthy, they

can get +2 might at x0,y12. There is a portal at x0,y0 that

will send you to the dungeon under Erliquin (20' under,


Dusk Caves: Steps up/down at x14,y0. There are a lot of

traps in this cave, also make sure you have the Psychic

Protection spell going before entering, Levitation won't

hurt either. At x14,y5, there is a flame of agility that

will grant those who are worthy +2 speed. To get there,

enter the secret door at x12,y5. Gold message at x2,y5.

Prism will grant those who are worthy +2 Accuracy at

x15,y15. At x15,y12 you will find a passage that will take

you to 20' below Dragadoon. At x0,y15 is the Shrine of

Ozark. At x2,y5 is a gold message that will allow you to

turn off the flame barriers under Erliquin. There are 3

portals in this dungeon. The first, at x9,y1, will take you

to the Wizard Ranalou's cave in B3. The one at x11,y1 will

take you to the Cave of the Magic Square in D3. The last at

x13,y1 will send you to the cave at B2 x8,y4.

Erliquin Caves: Steps up/down at x0,y7. There are two

teleports to look for -- one at x0,y5, and one at x15,y5.

These will teleport you back and forth between the two sides

of the dungeon (and you can go out the back door at x15,y7).

There is a request for an access code at x4,y9 that will

allow you to turn off the fire barriers. The code is

YICU2ME3 and is found under Dusk. There are quite a few

minor treasures found around the rest of the dungeon that

will be useful to newer characters.

Below Castle Dragadune (10 ft): stairs up to Dragadune at

x4,y10. Gold message at x13,y12. 20 ft below: stairs up to

10 ft level at x4,y14.

B1 Caves: Ancient Ruins at x12,y15. Chess piece at x0,y15,

but you must go down to the second level and then come back

up again to find it. Stairs down to next level at x0,y6.

Second level: *Tough* to map. Gold message at x12,y13.

Stairs at x15,y6.

B2 Caves (2 sets): First entrance at x8,y4. Medusa's head

at x15,y3. There are basilisks here, so be careful!

Warrior's Stronghold entrance at x9,y9. This is also known

as Raven's Lair. To get to the cave, go North at x10,y5 then

go two east, one north, west, north, west, north and finally

west again. Riddle at x6,y11 (in the middle of the room).

The answer is crystal, and will give you a crystal key. At

x1,y5 you will find a silver door for which you will need a

silver key. If you get to that point, you will need

Etherialize to get out. The stairs down are at x8,y1. There

are some very tough monsters on level 2. Along the west wall

(at y6,9 and 12) you will be bombarded by boulders (you can

jump over these squares). Up at x6,y14 you will start a

series of 4 tests (trial by combat); however, mastering

these bad guys will still leave you short of the goal as

there are really 5 tests. You get to the 5th test through a

secret door at x3,y4. You have to jump across the conveyor

belt (x14,y4-14) to the button at x15,y4. Push the button.

Go to x14,y1. Hope you survive. You have just met Lord

Raven. If you surrender, he will let you live but will take

all your gold. Try Power Shield on him if you have it.

B3 Caves (2 sets): Entrance at x0,y6. You will need to jump

a couple of spaces. The first time you get to a block, jump

2 times without pause. To get to the Wizard Ranalou, do not

search for secret doors, just follow the passageway. The

Wizard, along with passages to each of the castles, is at

x5,y15. If you do search for secret doors, you will be

transported to another part of the same dungeon.

Minotaur's Stronghold: Entrance at x14,y2. Exit at x8,y8.

Must have the Ruby Whistle to enter. Gold message at

x10,y15. Stairs down to the next level at x14,y12 and


Second level Minotaur's Stronghold: Entrances to the

Minotaur's Maze at x9,y3, x8,y3, x7,y3 and x6,y3. If you

don't have the Etherealize spell yet (or want to conserve

spell points), go north at x7,y4 for 3 spaces (not counting

your starting place), then 1 space east, 2 spaces north, 1

space west, 1 space north, 2 spaces west, 2 spaces north, 2

spaces east, and north through the door. The minotaur is at

x9,y14. There is a doggie at x3,y4. There is a gold message

at x10,y4.

C2 Caves: Entrance at x15,y11. A button to turn off the

slides is at x11,y7.

C4 Caves: Need Coral key to enter. There is a dial to set

the teleports at x6,y3 and x8,y3. The setting is BJ. The

girl at x5,y0 will give you a clue to the setting as will

the doggie in the Minotaur's Den. Once you've set the dial,

all teleport squares will teleport you to the Volcano god.

The god is at x7,y11. He will give you a key card. You will

need this card to finish the game.

D3 Caves: These are the magic square caves. First, do not

change the number of any of the polyhedrons that aren't

spinning already. Here are the numbers to which the

polyhedrons must be set:

x2,y14: 16

x6,y14: 3

x10,y14: 2


x2,y10: 5

x6,y10: 10

x10,y10: 11

x14,y10: 8

x2,y6: 9

x6,y6: 6

x10,y6: 7

x14,y6: 15

x2,y2: 4

x6,y2: 15

x10,y2: 14

x14,y2: 1

After setting the polyhedrons properly, pull the lever at

x0,y15. You will then get +2 Int, +20 gems, +200 gold, and

+2000 Experience points. (Note that the numbers equal 34 if

you add them up vertically, horizontally and/or diagonally).

E3 Caves: Entrance at x1,y4 is beyond the Diamond Door. You

will need the Diamond key to get here. This is the Astral

Plane. All of the walls of this plane are invisible. You

must carefully map your way around them to the 5 portals.

Entering the portals will send you back to Sorpigal, but if

your wizard has level 7 spells, cast 7-1 and you will be

right back. After you have found all 5 portals (they are

numbered), your key card will work on the Inner Sanctum.

Enter and gain your reward!

E4 Caves: Entrance at x10,y5. Stairs down to next level at

x1,y3 and at x13,y4. There is another stairway at x13,y5

that goes directly to level 3. The Gold message #7 is at

x8,y13. There is a Crystal Grate at x13,y2 for which you

will need the crystal key. Second level: stairs down to

third level at x0,y3. There is not much else on the Second

level except along the bottom are some increasingly

difficult monsters that you could try. The third level is a

bit of a challenge to map and to fight through, but you will

find nothing of great import here. There are no stairs down

from the 3rd to the 4th levels. The fourth level can only be

entered directly from the surface (C4 x13,y13). Fourth level

(40 ft under the surface), there is a chess piece at x0,y15

guarded by dragons. The stairs up are at x13,y4.

MIGHT AND MAGIC is published by New World Computing and

distributed by Activision.

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1987 by Jennifer L. King.

All rights reserved.

This walkthru is distributed by KAZ (the KING)


Part 4


These locations are the specific places to find the listed

information. Many times you must do other things and/or get

certain items to actually get the information. Consult the

rest of the walkthru for the complete details.


Gold 1: Wizard's Lair (B1 x13,y5-level 1, x3,y14)

Gold 2: Raven's Wood (B2 x9,y9-level 2, x15,y6)

Gold 3: Minotaur's Stronghold (B3 x14,y2-level 1, x10,y15)

Gold 4: Wizard's Lair (B1 x13,y5-level 2, x12,y13)

Gold 5: Under Dragadune (E1 x12,y12-level 3, x14,y11)

Gold 6: Raven's Wood (B2 x9,y9-level 1, x4,y0)

Gold 7: Building of Gold (E4 x10,y5-level 1, x8,y13

Gold 8: Under Dragadune (E1 x12,y12-level 1, x13,y12)

Gold 9: Minotaur's Stronghold (B3 x14,y2-level 2, x10,y4)

The interleaf is found in Castle Doom at x15,y15 and will

tell you how to finish the game. It will say that you need

to seed the 5 portals on the astral Plane and be sent back

by each on of them before your key card will be valid.

Silver A: Castle Blackridge North x9,y5

Silver B: Castle Blackridge South x15,y8

Silver C: Castle White Wolf x0,y1

Silver D: Castle Doom x1,y1

Silver E: Castle Alamar x7,y12

Silver F: Castle Dragadoon x10,y3

The interleaf for the silver messages is also found in

Castle Doom at x15,y0. They will tell you the six locations

where you can increase your stats.


Silver key: B1 x4,y7

Bronze key: B2 x4,y4 (answer to riddle is LOVE)

Diamond key: same place as bronze

Crystal Key: B2 caves Warrior's Stronghold x6,y11 (answer

is crystal)

Gold key: B3 caves Enchanted Forest Stronghold 2nd level

x3,y4 (consult quest 7 for Blackridge North)

Coral key: A3 x4,y6 (consult Outdoor description of A3)


Pool of Health: A1 x12,y1

Pool of Personality: D2 x10,y12

Intellect Pool: E2 x3,y13

Pool of Might: Caves below Portsmith x0,y12

Flame of Agility: Caves below Dusk x14,y5

Prism of Accuracy: Caves below Dusk x15,y15

Luck Increase: Ruins of Castle Dragadune x1,y1

Sands of Time (youthens characters): E1 x3,y3

Sex Reversal Fountain: Caves below Portsmith x11,y15


Zam: Portsmith, x11,y0

Zom: Algary x1,y1

Succubus: Portsmith, x10,y4

Telengar: Dusk, x8,y0

Agar: Erliquin x2,y5

Gypsy seer: C2 x9,y11

Lord Kilburn: C3 x6,y14

Og: D4 x7,y1

Wizard Ranalou: B3 caves x5,y15

Tradesmen of Desert: D1 x10,y13

Clerics of the South: Ruins of Castle Dragadune third level


Volcano God: C4 caves: x7,y11

Doggie: Second level Minotaur's Stronghold (B3): x3,y4

Leprechaun: Sorpigal x11,y3


Passage to Doom: A1 x7,y15

Pirate's Secret Cove: A2 x2,y4

Dragon's Tooth: A2 x11,y3

King's Pass: A2 x0,y15

Wheel of Luck: A3 x3,y6

Ancient Ruins: B1 x12,y5

Warrior's Stronghold: B2 x9,y9

Enchanted Forest: B3 x14,y2

Ruby Whistle: C1 x15,y15

Merchant's Pass C1 x3,y8

Wyvern's Eye: C3 x7,y7

Pirate Maps: C3 x2,y10

Jolly Raven shipwreck: C4 x8,y13

Statue of Judgement: E1 x9,y12

Password for King Alamar's Castle: E3 x2,y6 and E3 x7,y2

Medusa's Head: B2 caves x15,y3

Trivia Island: Southern part of B4

Desert Map: C3 x6,y14

Astral Plane Door: King Alamar's Castle x1,y4 (need diamond


Fountain to turn gold into Experience Points: Ruins of

Castle Dragadune x13,y15

Tones: Ruins of Castle Dragadune 3rd level x0,y6; x0,y8;

x6,y0; x8,y0; x15,y6; x15,y8

Shrine of Ozark: Ruins of Castle Dragadune 2nd level x0,y15

Chess pieces: One is at B1 caves 1st level x0,y15; the

other is at 4th level E4 caves x0,y15

Astral Key card: Volcano God C4 caves x7,y11

Vellum Scroll: Sorpigal Caverns x1,y2

MIGHT AND MAGIC is published by New World Computing and

distributed by Activision.

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1987 by Jennifer L. King.

All rights reserved.

This walkthru is distributed by KAZ (the KING)