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By: BlueDraco

This is my semi-walkthough for Swords of Xeen, it is till missing some

things, riddles, nest, and minor items, also how to beat source. Which I

don't remember because I started writing this walkthrough 6 mounths after I

beat the game.

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Main Walkthrough | Riddles | Passwords

Main Walkthrough


Dial of afternoon 5

Dial of morning 9

Castle of the Undead E3 X3 Y8

Elder Longbow LV 3 X3 Y12

Diamond Mine at B1 X11 Y13

Witches throne at X3 Y11

Diamond Mineral (w/ Diamond edged pick) X11 Y13

Sapphire Mine at C1 X11 Y3

Garoyle Nest X6 Y9

Saphirre at X1 Y9

Tact Tower E1 X8 Y8

Use Diamond Materal

Commmand: Transport Seq Omega

Sky Platform


|3 4|

| |

| |

| |

| |

| |

| |

| 6 5|

| |

| |

| |

| |

| |

|2 1 |


The numbers above represent pedestals

This is a map of the sky platform, you must turn towards the next number

and get the orb, it will then jump to the next number. Ex: if I am at 3, I

turn to face 4 and get the orb, the orb will then appear at 4, I repeat the

process (going to 4 and looking at 5) When you reach 6 (X8 Y5), the orb is


FireBane Staff is at X15 Y15


The Shrines are Despair + Pain

Source's Domain

You must equip the elder Weapons

See Passwords

The positve and negitive orbs go in level 2 at x=1 & 2 Y=8

The negitive orb is anti-matter

The positve orb is matter.

Orc Fort

Magic Coin X12 Y7

Magic Coin X8 Y9

Gargoyle Nest at B4 X7 Y14

Key to Cangtut's Pyramid

Canegtut's Pyramid B5 X8 Y13

Skyhook X8 Y14

Pyramid of Power D3 X12 Y3

Cavernes C8 X7 Y6

Caverns lv1 Rescue Prisnor X5 Y1

City of GrayHaven

This place is a good place to get refreshed, but the portal to it will be

destroyed early in the game, so don't expect it to always be there.


When you first arrive here you must kill all the monsters.

The Key to the Sewer is located at X=13 Y=14

You need to bash a few walls to find all the monsters in the sewer.

The entrance to the lower sewers is at X1 Y1

The sewer is bigger than you think

The city treasury inthe lower sewer that contains the silver hammer is at

X7 Y6


Magic coin at orlows tower X4 Y3

Pass to Hart at A1 X1 Y10

Black Tower B3 X3 Y7

Barrel of Speed - lvl1 X1 Y14

Barrel of Might - lvl1 X1 Y12

Barrel of Personality - lvl2 X14 Y14

Barrel of Luck - lvl2 X7 Y3

Barrel of Intellect - lvl2 X7 Y9

Rescue Priosner - lvl2 X3 Y14

Rescue Priosner - lvl3 X8 Y12

Green Hammer, Elder Dagger - lv3 X1 Y14

Barrel of Endurence - lvl3 X10 Y12

Barrel of Speed - lvl3 X10 Y10

Barrel of Might - lvl3 X12 Y10

Barrel of Personality - lvl3 X14 Y10

Barrel of Accuracy - lvl3 X14 Y12

Barrel of Intellect - lvl3 X12 Y12

Rescue Priosner - lvl3 X1 Y1

Rescue Priosner - lvl3 X8 Y2

Ogre Fort at A2 X12 Y6

Magic Coin at X14 Y7

Sacred Cow at X14 Y11

Yang Knihts Lair at A6 X4 Y5

Magic Coin

Key to Ascihep's Pyramid

Old Temple B6 X9 Y14

Lv1 You must make the floor look like a "H"

Lv2 Button in firplace X9 Y12

Lv2 Magic Coin X14 Y1

Lv3 Elder Mace X11 Y4

Ascihep's Pyramid A6 X9 Y8

Pyramid of Retiting

Magic Coin, Key to Old Temple at X8 Y7

Troll Mine B1 X0 Y13

Troll Camp X4 Y12

Magic Coin X5 Y12

Ruby Mine at B1 X5 Y13

Ruby X12 Y11

Dragon Cave at F6 X8 Y7

Diamond edged pick at Sykroad B3 X4 Y1 (enter from dragon cave)

Elder long sword at Sykroad B3 X6 Y1 (enter from dragon cave)

Water Tower D5 X6 Y5

Elder Staff

Fire Tower D4 X10 Y6

Earth Tower C5 X6 Y9

Air Tower C4 X12 Y8

Trapeist Monestary C2 X9 Y3

Hellhornet nest X7 Y13

Pyramid of the dragon at E4 X6 Y9

Sabertooth lair at B2 X11 Y2

Sabertooth Den X4 Y3

Magic Coin X4 Y4

Magic Coin X3 Y12

Sand Town D7 X7 Y9

Sand town Sewers

Temple of sun holy lamp oil X3 Y4

Entrance to wyrm lair at F5 X14 Y14

Diamond Mine B1 X11 Y13

Pyramid of War at C3 X6 Y5

Elder Spear at F8 X13 Y9

Other things

Pass to Imprey at A7 X0 Y7

Double Cross at A7 X4 Y10

The holy wheel is found at A3 X2 Y9

The princess crown is located at A1 X7 Y1

The emerald wand is found at A1 X14 Y1

Return wheel at A3 X3 Y5 and get High Sign

Return Sky Hook B5 X6 Y2

Key to Retitig's Pyramid is at A3 X13 Y11

Magic Coin at A3 X13 Y12

Return Scared Cow at A5 X7 Y2

Shortcut to pyramid of war B2 X14 Y6

Hard Rock A7 X12 Y13

Return Double Cross A7 X12 Y13

Get Ivy Plant B7 X13 Y13

Return druid carving at A7 X5 Y14

Return Ivy, Get Rockcandy D8 X11 Y7

Return Rock Candy at A8 X12 Y12

Return Soft Rock at C7 X12 Y8

Magic Coin at A7 X12 Y1

Exchange Hard Rock for Soft Rock D8 X11 Y2

Exchange Soft Rock for Mountain Climbing Skill at C7 X12 Y8

Return to Greyhaven by falling down clouds in C3

Return High Sigh at B2 X8 Y14

Druid Carving B1 X2 Y5


Barbarian Camp at B7 X11 Y11

Hydra lair at F6 X11 Y15

Frost Dragon lair F6 X5 Y14

Fire Dragon layer at F5 X3 Y14

Troll Camp B3 X4 Y14

Sptite Nest B4 X9 Y3

Barbarian Camp B1 X12 Y6

Roc Nest C7 X9 Y3

Cyclops Camp A7 X6 Y11

Electropede Nest at B7 X4 Y2


The command sequence for the TACT is : TRANSPORT SEQ OMEGA

A secret password needed for access in Sources Domain: CANOPUS

A secret password needed for access in Sources Domain: SPICA

A secret password needed for access in Sources Domain: VEGA

A secret password needed for access in Sources Domain: ANTARES

A secret password needed for access in Sources Domain: ORION


What is it that the more you take away the larger it becomes?


What shows no mark after being hit with a sword?


What walks first on four feet then on 2 and finally on three legs?


My first is in apple and also in....


What is that you break even if you name it?


What bears ten men strength and ten men's length yet ten....


What has a neck but no head?


What has a face but no mouth?


In shadows and sorroe, I will be your friend I can help you....


Deep in the earth, my bones can be found In fire I am born...


Yellow I am, though white I can be Men seek me as their.....


Land-bound I am born; though destned to fly I sleep


Water am I though diffrent in truth. Some times you


What has a four legs and one head but only one foot?


Its as easy as 1-2-3

1= North 2=East 3=West

If you don't know what it is it is something, but if you know what it is it

is nothing?


Metal I am not, though I may look....


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