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[Image] "Worlds of Xeen" Walkthrough [Image]

This is a pretty rough walkthrough for Worlds of Xeen... It is made from my

notes as I went through the game, and I forgot to write down some of the

locations, so I apologize for any omissions... Also, this is a pretty big

game, so I've omitted a number of details (I didn't mention everything you

could kill, for example). Just because I didn't mention something doesn't

mean you shouldn't check it out. Try wandering over every square of the

maps. You'll find a lot of cool stuff out there! Also, be sure to look at

the overhead view (click on the map icon) when you're at the edge of the

clouds/world/skyroads. Sometimes there are things out there that you can't

see in the first-person view... (for example, there are islands next to the

skyroads that can only be reached by teleporting).


[Image] Killing nasty monsters: In general, if you haven't seen them, they

haven't seen you. This means that if you go around mazes backwards (ie

backing up all the way), you'll sneak up on monsters and they won't be able

to pound you repeatedly as you walk up to them. Once you've seen them once,

however, it's all over.

[Image] You can edge around swinging blades, urns that ask for money, magic

portals, cursed tiles, and the like by turning so that you're not facing

them and moving sideways at them (using the arrow keys on the lower

righthand side of the screen). This saves you from having to repeatedly

cast etherealize or jump spells. NOTE: THIS FEATURE HAS BEEN DISABLED

(rats!) IN VERSION 1.1!

[Image] SELL EVERYTHING. Don't just discard equipment. Money becomes a

problem towards the middle of the game, so be very penny pinching! Bear in

mind, also, that armour is worth more than weapons, for example, so save

before you find a cache of good stuff and then keep trying till you get

lots of armour.

[Image] Buying equipment, especially at the vendors southeast of

Sandcaster, is very expensive. You will soon find much better armour and

weapons, so don't bother.

[Image] Buying Merchant Skill for a couple of your adventurers is very

worthwhile. It allows you to sell items for twice their normal price.

You'll make up the money you spent very quickly!

[Image] Unlike M&M III, where accessories could increase your AC (i.e. an

obsidian ring would increase your AC by 21), in WoX accessries do NOT

increase your AC unless they have specific enchantments on them to do so

(i.e, they are "armoured," or "divine," or something of that nature.)

Obsidian rings are only good for selling....

[Image] BE SURE to get the navigation skill before entering the deserts.

Otherwise, it'll take your characters 3 hours to move one square... you'll

spend all of your time sleeping!

[Image] Click on the Might and Magic logo on the upper right-hand side of

the screen. You'll get "wizard's eye" for free! (It's not a bug, it's a




A. Items of interest:

Fountain, + 25 Spell Points, E3(8,6)

Well, + 250 Spell Points, A4(3,3)

Fountain, +5 AC, F3(12,12)

Well, +20 AC, Newcastle (9,14) once castle is built!

Well +30 AC, A3(3,14)

Fountain +25 Hit Points, F3(7,7)

Well: + 100 Hit Points, Asp (8,3) >>only when globes are set!

Fountain, +250 Hit Points, A1(4,12)

Shrine +50 Magic Resistance, C3(15,0)

Statue: +50 Poison Resistance, F3(14,6)

Shrine, + 50 Electrical Resistance, D3(15,4)

Shrine +50 Fire Resistance E2 (13,3)

Fountain +50 Cold Resistance, A4(12,14)

Shrine, +50 Energy resistance, A1(7,6)

Shrine +20 Fire, Cold, Poison, Electricity Resistance E3(9,14)

Fountain, +5 levels, F3(0,1)

Well +60 Luck, F3(1,7) Well +50 Personality, C3(0,0)

Well + 50 Intellect, B3(15,4)

Well + 50 Might, center ofWinterkill

Well +50 Might, D2(3,8)

Well, +50 Speed E2(3,4)

Well +50 Accuracy, B3(0,3)

Well, +50 Endurance, C1(2,4)

Well, +10 Intellect and Personality, D3(8,9)

Well, +10 Might, Endurance, Speed, Accuracy, C3(15,10)

B. Where to learn skills:

1. Pathfinding: Vertigo, (25,26), 2500 gold

2. Spot Secret Doors: E3 (11,12), 500 gold

3. Armsmaster, Rivercity, (30,3) 300 gold

4. Bodybuilder, Rivercity, (30,1), 1000 gold

5. Swimming, Rivercity, (19,23), 100 gold

6. Navigation, Rivercity, (22,30), 2000 gold

7. Mountaineering, Rivercity, (30,30), 5000 gold

8. Astrology, Burlock Castle lvl1 (10,5) FREE

9. Linguistics, Burlock Castle lvl1 (6,5), FREE

10. Merchant, D2(14,2), 5000 gold

11. Direction Sense, Dwarven Mine 5 (8,5) FREE

12. Danger Sense, Dwarven Mine 3 (5,11) FREE

13. Prayermaster, A2(6,13), 10,000 gold

14. Prestidigitation, 4th level of Tower of High Magic, FREE

15. ALL SKILLS: Shangri-La, (0,3), 100,000 gold



A.) Items of Interest:

Fountain, +1000 Spell Points, E1(2,10)

Unicorn, A4(7,1) restores magic once you've rescued him

Shrine, +3 Levels, A3(8,14)

Shrine, + 15 levels, C2(1,8)

Well, +10 AC, A4(3,10)

Well , + 50 Hit Points, A3(3,3)

Fountain, +500 Hit Points, F1(13,8)

Well, +2500 Hit Points, A1(2,13)

Well, +50 Elemental Resistance, D4(2,4)

Fountain, + 50 Magic Resistance, F2(8,5)

Fountain, + 100 Elemental Resistance, B1(14,13)

Fountain, + 50 Energy Resistance, C1(1,7)

Shrine, +10 to all stats, D4(12,4)

Well, +100 Luck, B4(2,2)

Well, +10 Speed, C4(6,12)

Well, +25 Might, A4(9,11)

Fountain, removes magical aging once restored, F4(6,7)

B.) Where to learn skills:

1. Cartography: Castleview (30,23), 10 gold

2. Pathfinding: Castleview (29,27), 1500 gold

3. Swimming: Castleview (7,19), 250 gold

4. Direction sense: Castleview Sewers (3,25) (1000 gold)

5. Spot Secret Doors, E4(5,12), 500 gold

6. Fountain + 50 AC F4(14,3)

7. Navigation, Sandcaster (19,5), 10,000 gold

8. Prestidigitation, Sandcaster (19,1), 1000 gems

9. Linguistics, Sandcaster (19,30), 25,000 gold

10. Merchant, Sandcaster (1927), 5,000 gold 1

1. Bodybuilder, Sandcaster Sewers (25,4) (50,000 gold to enter gym,

but additional goodies there, too)

12. Prayermaster, Lakeside Sewers (6,4) 10,000 gold

13. Armsmaster, Kalindra's Castle lvl 1, (8,6) FREE

14. Danger Sense, Kalindra's Castle lvl 1, (8,8) FREE

15. Mountaineering, B2(13,14), 5000 gold 16.




1. Vertigo Guild Membership: (16,11) 25 gold. Clean the town of vermin,

find the incriminating document at (9,22), then go back to see the mayor in

his tent next to the blacksmith's (14,5). He'll reward you, then ask you to

clean out the Dwarven caves.

2. Rivercity: contains Roxanne's Tiara

a) Buy swimming skills for everyone here. (It's the cheapest, and you'll

need it!)

b) Buy Guild Membership: (25,27) 500 gold.

c) Clean out thieves.

d) Visit Barok (25,20). He's lost his pendant. Find it at (1,20), return it

to him, and receive 80K experience + enchant item spell.

e) Get Princess Roxanne's Tiara at (1,3)

3. Rescue Celia from Zombies.She's at D4(15,15) (+5000 exp). Return to her

boyfriend at F3(4,5) (20,000 exp + 2000 gold)

4. Ligono the Spirit D3(12,8) has lost his skull. Find it at D4(2,1) and

return it for 40,000 exp + recharge item spell.

5. Witches' Tower: Get Key to Witches' Tower from woman at F4(9,3) Get horn

of Falista from level 4 (7,4). You need to open a secret passage using the

password "rosebud." Return Falista's horn to the old woman at F4(9,3) for

60,000 exp + all become crusaders.

6. While you're here in F4, pick up some Phirna roots for the old woman at

F3(9,11). She'll give you a bunch of antidote potions.

7. Danulf C3(14,5) lost Wand of Faery Magic. Find it at D4(8,14) and return

it for 25,000 gold + 45,000 exp.

8. Tito C3(3,8) Lost Book of Elvenkind. Find at B4(14,13) and return for

25,000 gold + 60,000 exp.

9. Kill Ogres (in area around A2, B2) and return to C2(9,1) for 40,000 exp.

10. Find Scarab of Imaging at C1(15,11) and return to Sorceress at C2(10,6)

for 75,000 exp. + moon ray spell.

11. Shrines of the seasons: Collect the last flower of summer from Shrine

of Summer B2(1,10); take to Shrine of Autumn C2(15,9), exchange for last

leaf of Autumn; Take last leaf to Shrine of Winter A3(6,1), exchange for

last snowflake of winter. Take last snowflake of winter to Shrine of Spring

E3(3,14), exchange for last raindrop of spring. +150K exp.; removes magical


12. Kill Trolls in A4/B4 area and go see Thickbark at B3(6,3) to receive

75,000exp. + supershelter spell.

13. Red Dwarf mines... You can beef up your characters attributes and also

get a lot of gold from these mines. Every mine has a railcar in it

somewhere. To get between mines, tell the railcar where to go: "Mine 1,"

"Mine 2," etc. There are four deep mines that can only be entered via the

railcar; the others have surface entries. These are mines "Alpha," "Theta,"

"Kappa," and "Omega." Note that the hint for the first of these is

incorrect. It says that the second letter (of "alpha") is "I"...

+2 Might (Red liquid):

mine 1: (3,4),(5,7).

mine 2: (10,26).

mine 3: (3,1),(2,1),(6,1),(5,1).

+2 Luck (White):

mine 1: (2,7);

mine 4: (8,4),(8,5)

+2 Endurance (Green):

mine 1: (8,17),(9,17),(10,17).

mine 2: (10,22).

+2 Accuracy (Yellow):

mine 1: (10, 23),(11,20).

mine 2: (4,1), (5,1).

mine 5: (7,2), (6,2).

+2 Intellect (Orange):

mine 1: (8,23), (7,22).

mine 2 (11, 23).

+2 Personality (Blue):

mine 1: (6,21)

mine 2: (11,25).

+2 Speed (Purple):

mine 1: (9,21), (9,20).

mine 2: (4,3),(4,2).

mine 3: (2,0), (3,0).

mine 5: (8,7), (5,3).

The Red Dwarf King can be found on the Omega level at (30,25). Kill him and

return to the mayor of Vertigo to receive 50,000 exp.

14. Kill all cyclops in A4/B4 area and see the Gnome King at A3(10,0) to

get 100,000 exp + treasure.

15. Reclaim Ninja "Pagoda" at A3(15,6) and see monk at A3 (15,12) to

receive 75,000 exp + food.

16. Temple of Yak E4(4,4): contains Potion of Restoration (See Mirabeth at

D4(12, 3) for stone to open it).

Hints: Turning ankhs opens hidden passages.

Several spells can be learned here, and you can find 8 "King's


Light Spell: (6,11)

Sparks: (0,5)

Acid Spray: (4,5)

Hypnotize: (30,3)

Yak Master: (2,28) (to find him, turn ankhs at (16, 30)and (24, 29) so that

they face you and the one at (19,30) so that it doesn't!) At (30,25),

you'll find the potion of Restoration that Mirabeth asked you to retrieve.

(See #17, below).

+5 personality: (14,8) multi-use, but only works on some classes.

+5 endurance: (19,8) multi-use, but only works on some classes.

17. Return Potion of Restoration to Mirabeth at D4(12,3) and receive +5

personality and 250K exp.

18. See Arie the Sorcerer's apprentice at A1(11,5). He'll tell you he needs

the Scroll of Insight from Castle Basenji. Get it for him and receive N.

Sphinx Amulet and 750K experience.

19. Castle Basenji: should have linguistics skill before coming inside. You

can get this for free at Castle Burlock. There are many scrolls you can use

to increase your attributes.

+10 Electrical Resistance: lvl 1 (3,9) and (6,9)

+10 Fire Resistance: lvl 1 (3,13) and (6,13)

+5 Personality: lvl 2 (5,14) and (7,14)

+5 Speed lvl 2 (7,12) and (7,10)

+5 Intellect lvl 2 (7,10) and (5,10)

+10 Magic Resistance lvl 2 (11,4) and lvl 3 (14,4)

+ 10 Energy Resistance lvl 3 (12,1) and (11,2).

To get to the top level, the password is "There Wolf" -- you'll find the

Scroll of Insight up there, surrounded by scrolls of insanity, confusion,

and death (3,9).

20. Asp: contains crystals of piezelectricity. Go inside, kill all of the

snakemen, then set the four globes in the entryway to alternating colors.

Start with setting the southwest one red, and proceed in a circle. Now,

destroy the machine and then take the Crystals of Piezoelectricity. You can

also join the Asp Guild at (6,7) for 500 gold.

21. Take the Crystals of Piezoelectricity to the wizard at C2(8,11) and

receive 75,000 exp and the Megavolts spell.

22. Winterkill: Kill all of the ghosts, then ring the bell in the south. Go

see the mayor (inside the tent), and he'll tell you to kill some more

ghosts. New ones will appear. Kill them, ring the S bell, and see the mayor

again. He'll send you out one last time. Kill the last batch, ring the S

bell, and see him again. (Note: if at any time you miss any ghosts, then

when you ring the bell, more will appear). You can join the Winterkill

Guild at (1,8) for1000 gold

23. Cast walk on water. Kill the 3 sea dragons in the deep waters south of

Castle Burlock, then go see the fisherman at C3(12,13) to receive 100K exp.

+ obsidian treasure.

24. Caves of Illusion: This is a great place to pick up treasure and boost

up your attributes. You also receive the key to the Tower of High Magic

here. You should have plenty of gems before entering, however. Hint: until

the water is drained, all of the spear traps are illusions only, as are the

lockboxes. Upon draining the water (via plug on level 4), the traps become

real, as do the lockboxes.

Level 1: 10 gems apiece

+2 Luck: (0,14), (13,4)

+2 Accuracy: (0,11),(10,4)

+2 Endurance: (3,6),(8,5)

+2 Speed: (5,6),(9,8) <<< BUG! Actually, it gives +2 MIGHT.

+2 Personality: (1,1), (15,6)

+2 Might: (12,1), (11,13)

+2 Intellect: (4,0), (14,13)

Ramp to level 2: (15,1)

Lockbox: (11,8)

Level 2: 20 gems apiece

+3 Accuracy: (3,5)

+3 Speed: (6,0)

+3 Personality: (1,9)

+3 Intellect: (6,13)

Ramp to level 3: (13,0) (hidden passage at (14,5))

Ramp to level 1: (15,2)

Lockbox: (2,1)

Level 3: 50 gems apiece

+5 Luck: (15,11), (14,5), (12,1), (15,3)

+5 Accuracy: (4,1)

+5 Endurance: (2,2)

+5 Speed: (5,0)

+5 Personality: (1,3), (10,0)

+5 Might: (1,14)

+5 Intellect: (4,7), (10,3)

Ramp to level 2: (13,15)

Ramp to level 4: (15,1)

Lockbox: (8,2)

Level 4: 200 gems apiece:

+10 Accuracy: (1,10)

+10 Might: (1,14)

+10 Endurance: (14,10), (11,3)

Plug: (14,13)

Lockbox: (8,0)

Key to Tower of High Magic: (7,14) costs 300 gems

Ramp to Level 3: (4,6)

25. Orothin's whistle: Find whistle at E4(5,14) and return to Orothin at

F3(9,6). He'll give you 15,000 exp. and activate the statues at F3(12,8)

(teaches Cure Poison) and F3(12,2) (teaches Cure Disease).

26. Tower of High Magic C4(6,15) Has lots of potions for increasing

elemental resistance. Also has boxes full of treasure (search 'em after you

kill the monsters that pop out!)

+10 Electrical Resistance lvl 1 (5,11)

+10 Cold Resistance lvl 1 (9,11)

+10 Fire Resistance lvl 1 (5,5)

+10 Poison Resistance lvl 2 (5,11)

+10 Electrical Resistance lvl 2 (4,6)

+10 Cold Resistance lvl 2 (4,10)

+10 Fire Resistance lvl 2 (5,5)

+10 Poison Resistance lvl 3 (10,10)

+10 Poison Resistance lvl 3 (4,10)

+10 Magic Resistance lvl 3 (10,6)

+10 Energy Resistance lvl 3 (4,6)

Key to Darzog's Tower: lvl 4 (7,12) in box

Prismatic Light Spell: lvl 4 (7,7)

Prestidigitation - for all - FREE - lvl 4 (6,8)

27. Rescuing Crodo: Go to Darzog's Tower. On the way to the 4th level,

you can increase your attributes:

Level 2:

+20 Accuracy: (5,11)

+20 Speed (4,10)

+20 Endurance (4,6)

+20 Personality (5,5)

+20 Intellect (9,5)

+20 Might (10,6)

Level 4 (6,8) pull back tapestry and push button. Do the same at (8,8). Go

down ladder inside and rescue Crodo lvl 3 (7,6) for 1 million exp.

28. Buy Newcastle if you haven't already done so, for 50,000.

29. Castle Burlock:

i) Take tiara (found in Rivercity) to Princess Roxanne on the 3rd floor at

(2,11) for 200,000 exp and treasure.

ii) You can learn Linguistics and Astrology here for free, from two books

found at (6,5) and (10,5) respectively.

iii) See the Master Builder. He will offer to build walls of Newcastle, for

5 megacredits. Do so. He'll tell you to go have a look. Go look, and get

the Stone of entry to the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors. Clean out the Tomb,

and you should get enough megacredits to complete the castle and dungeon

(you need five apiece). See the master builder about building a castle.

He'll take another five megacredits, and tell you to go have a look again.

Do so, and upon entry,. you'll receive the Golem Stone of Admittance. Go

back to the Master Builder. He'll tell you that the castle needs a dungeon,

but that you need a builder's permit to make that. See the Royal Advisor

(also in Burlock Castle) for the permit, then return to the Builder. He'll

start building, for a last five megacredits...

30. Tomb of a Thousand Terrors: contains 8 megacredits, and lots of potions

to increase your attributes. Of course, they make you insane... Note also

that there are many indetectable hidden passages. If in doubt...bang on the


i) King's megacredits: (17,29), (17,15), (11,30), (1,16), (13,13), (6,9),

(13,5), and (19,9)

ii) Hidden passage at (25,12) leads to a teleporter at (3,5) which, in

turn, takes you to a room inaccessible by any other means.

+5 Speed: (18,19), (16,19)

+5 Might: (9,30), (13,30), (7,26), (1,26)

+5 Endurance: (8,17), (7,22), (1,22)

+5 Accuracy: (7,24), (1,24), (8,7), (8,11), (6,9)

+5 Luck: (26,8), (24,8)

+5 Intellect: (11,13), (15,13)

+5 Personality: (15,5), (11,5)

Other hidden passages: (13,24), (11,24), (9,24), (10,16), (5,27), (3,27)

31. Golem Tower B4 (11,9). Contains 14 megacredits, if you need them. (If

you got all of the ones in the Tomb, then you shouldn't...)

i) Stone Golems: King's Megacredits at (11,22) and (11,28) Go to room with

6 blocks. Numbering the levers 1 to 3 as you go further inside the room,

pull 1, then 3, then 2, then 1, then 3. You should have 6 glowing stones

and 2 blocks.

ii) Wood Golems: King's Megacredits at (6,1) and (4,1) Pull all 6 levers,

teleporting yourself out of the passages as they become sealed off.

iii) Iron golems: Megacredits at (17,7), (22,28), and (22,22)

Number the switches as follows: #1: (21,20) #2: (23,20) #3: (25,20) #4

(21,14) #5 (23,14) #6 (25,14)

Now, pull 1,2,4,5, and 6. Proceed inside through the newly opened passages,

and pull the final switch inside @ (19,25). This will create a new

teleporter (green glowing dots) in the center of the room (22,25). Take it.

iv) Diamond golems: King's Megacredits at (15,12), (15,16), (11,9),

(30,12), (30,6), (27,4), and (18,4)

Go through the Diamond golem area. You'll have to take several teleporters,

and will eventually come to a final statue. Look at the statue and everyone

will gain 1 level. Take the teleporter back out.

32. Newcastle: contains "Xeen Slayer" After getting the Master Builder at

Castle Burlock to build walls, visit the site. Upon entry, The Taxman will

give you the Stone of entry to the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors. Upon second

entry, (once you've had the castle built) he'll give you the Golem Stone of

Admittance. Finally, when you've had the dungeon built, go down to it

(password is "laboratory"). You'll find 4 potions of the Gods and the Xeen

Slayer sword. Note that a couple of hidden passages are indetectable, even

to characters with that secondary skill. There are hidden walls at: (11,4),

(4,4), and (7,7); potions at (12,1), (8,9), (6,9), and (2,1): and the sword

rests at (7,4).

33. Dragon Caves: These are a good place to gain a lot of treasure, but

they can also make you lose a lot of it again if you're careless. There are

little urns in the middle of many of the tunnels. These urns collect a

"Dragon Tax" when you go by, unless you a) cast etherealize, or b) turn

sideways and edge past them. I recommend plan (b), myself. Works like a

charm! There are also 6 books here which give your characters experience

points when you read them. They do, however, require that your characters

have a very high intelligence. The last of the six requires an intellect up

in excess of 250...!

Book 1: (16,0)

Book 2: (0,31)

Book 3: (31,31)

Book 4: (22,16)

Book 5: (27,0). Requires intellect >150

Art of Taxation: (27,1). Requires intellect >250

Note that there are many hidden passageways, too.

34. Mount Firestone E1(15,2). Level 1: Destroy the skull at (9,9) for 250K

exp. Level 2: pull 4 levers to extend bridges Level 4 leads to Shangri-La.

35. Shangri-La:

i) Drink from well to gain +1 level for all.

ii) guild membership (0,11): FREE

iii) Learn ALL secondary skills for 100,000 gold at (0,3)

iv) Stairs at (7,4) leads to dungeon of Alamar's Castle on Darkside.

36. Northern Sphinx: Get amulet from Arie the Sorcerer's apprentice at


Dungeon level:

(0,15): Teleport spell

(14,2): Item to Gold spell

Hidden passage at (7,8)


Thieves' Throne: (7,13) only thieves may sit here, but it increases

their exp. by 500,000.

Head: (Password is "Golux")

Dwarf throne: (10,14) +500K exp to dwarves

Gnome Throne: (12,4) +500K exp to gnomes

Human Throne: (7,2) +500K exp to humans

Orc Thone: (4,14) +500K exp to half-orcs

Elf Throne: (2,4) +500K exp to elves

(12,8) Starburst Spell

37. Killing Lord Xeen: Go to the top of Darzog's tower. Cast levitate, and

enter the cloud layer. Go forward until you reach the sign that says, "Lord

Xeen: 9N," and teleport 9 squares north. There will be five tents here. At

four of them, you can get cupie dolls for speed, endurance, might, and

accuracy (use your most highly endowed characters to compete). You can

trade these dolls in for a Lord Xeen cupie doll at the tent nearest the

castle. The Lord Xeen cupie doll will allow you to enter the castle.

Destroy the poison generator (14,14) and the cold generator (1,14) on this

level. Go into the side rooms, and take the stairs up to the fourth level.

Destroy the electricity generator (12,1) and the fire generator (3,1) on

level 4. Now go into the center keep, and climb the stairs to get to the

fourth level again. Destroy the Xeen guard generator, Dragon (Xeen's pet),

and finally, Lord Xeen himself. Note that ordinary weapons do not work on

Xeen, but that the Lord Xeen Sword does. Spells work ok, though --

implosion does a fine job. You will receive the Scepter of Temporal

Distortion upon his demise, but unfortunately, as soon as you try to enter

the sixth mirror which you will also see in that room -- it will shatter.

And so will the game. It's a bug, guys. Bummer. However, if you really want

to, you can see the movie you missed by going to any mirror and typing




Take any of the pyramids cloudside to enter Castleview, a town on the

Darkside. The first time you enter darkside AFTER giving Phirna roots to

the old woman on cloudside, she'll visit you and hand you the dragon

pharoah's orb.

1. Castleview: PASSES can be bought in a tent just outside the city!

a) Clean all the goblins and gremlins out of the town. In particular, deal

with the gremlin king at (29,13). He'll give you 3 energy disks. (If you

choose to kill him, you'll have to search his tent afterwards to find the

disks!) Then go see the mayor (23,27) to receive 50,000 exp and 10,000


b) Cartographer's challenge: Castleview, (30,20). Answer is "Sandcaster."

Note that there is a typo in the hints you're given. The guy should say,

"If the Great Northern Tower is WEST of Lakeside, then cross out W,U,I."

Makes it a bit more of a challenge, eh?

c) Free the guy in jail (jail entrance at (6,22)) and talk to his brother

Jethro the Mapmaker at (22,24) to receive 10,000 exp.

d) Buy fake treasure map from Joe, the map seller in town (28,30). Take the

map to Jethro at (22,24) to receive a REAL treasure map.

e) Join Castleview guild at (5,28) for 50 gold.

2. Castleview Sewers:

a) kill the rat queen at sewers(21,7) and return to the guy at

sewers(31,26) to receive exp. and gold.

b) Find the Onyx necklace at Sewers (21,9). Return to the woman at

Castleview (27,19) and receive the key to Ellinger's tower.

c) +5 might: Castleview Sewers (4,26), (4,25), (2,25), (2,26)

d) +5 Endurance: Castleview Sewers (20,7), (20,8), (20,6), (22,7), (22,8),


3. Ellinger's Tower: Get Key from woman in Castleview at (27,19) in return

for necklace. Go inside. You will be asked a question, and asked to choose

one of three answers. CHOOSE THE FIRST...or you're screwed big time. (Well,

not really, but you'll have to enter the tower from the skyroads). Go

upstairs, opening any cupboards along the way. You'll get a bunch of very

nice boots this way. (on the 4th level are two pairs of obsidian boots, in

fact). On the next level, pull back the tapestries to reveal 5 buttons.

PUSH THE OUTER FOUR -- the center one resets the others. This will remove

the lava that blocks your passage.

+20 Fire resistance: lvl 2 (9,5)

+20 Electrical Resistance: lvl 2 (9,11)

Pull back tapestry at (10,10) on level 2 to reveal another passage. Go up

to the fourth level. You are seeking ELLINGER.

Talk to him, and he'll ask you to find 20 energy disks, 5 to restore each

quarter of Kalindra's castle. He will also tell you that he'll make the

treasure chest in the room at Castleview (3,5) sit still for you. That

isn't exactly true. It WILL sit still, but only if you get it in the right

place. Walk around the room counterclockwise until you reach the door

again. Turn around, and you'll see that the chest is at the center of the

room. Approach it from the front, and it will sit still.

4. Find Monga Melons in the A4 area. Give to Monga Monkey at B4(3,12).

He'll tell you to go see the dungeon in the Medusa Sprite forest. When you

do so (and discover that you need a key to get in), go back and see him.

He'll give you the key (to the Temple of Bark) for another Monga Melon.

5. Monk at A4(1,4): looking for the word "Palindrome." Tell him and receive

500K exp.

6. Troll holes contain treasure and 17 vats that give one character +1

statistics. Try not to fall into them! (Cast levitate!) There are troll

holes at: D4(8,12), D4(14,5), E3(7,0), E4(6,8), E4(8,5), E4(13,6),

C4(4,14), B4(8,12), B4(12,13), B4(11,6), C3(2,0), C4(7,5), C4(13,5), and


The troll king's hole is located at E4(13,6).

7. Temple of Bark: contains 2 energy disks, also the means to increase

elemental resistance by +50 (for everyone), and many potions to increase

your characters' statistics.

level 1: Flip all of the levers up on this level (I dunno what they do, but

it seemed like a good idea...)

level 2: Some of the passages close of when you're right next to them. You

must stand one square away and cast etherealize to get through them.

level 3: Rescue various prisoners for experience.

level 4. Set two dials on the western side to 1, two dials on the northern

side to 2, and two dials on the eastern side to 3. Then go drink from the

well at (8,7) to increase everyone's stats by 19!! (permanently!)

level 5: Feed the four southern skulls (the roots) five gems apiece, then

go drink from the wells to increase your Elemental Resistance:

(23,2) +50 Cold Resist.

(30,10) +50 Poison Resist.

(9,12) +50 Electrical Resist.

(2,11) +50 Fire Resist.

Get energy disks at lvl 5, (0,18) and (31,17) Then, when you're ready for a

fight, feed the four northern skulls 5 gems apiece, and kill Barkman at

(16,9). behind him is a chest with 3 obsidian-class items. Now that he's

gone, you can also mop up the other treasure in this level (2 "treasure

rooms" with chests of treasure in them).


+5 Might (x3) lvl1: (2,15); lvl 2: (11,6)

+5 Personality (x3) lvl 1: (2,11); lvl 2 (12,4)

+5 Endurance (x3) lvl 2: (15,15), (15,3)

+5 Intellect (x3): lvl 2: (10,15), (14,4)

+5 Accuracy (x3): lvl 2: (14,9), (14,1)

+5 Speed (x3): lvl 2: (14,7), (12,1)

+5 Luck (x3): lvl 2: (13,6)

barrels that give +3-4 on all statistics, (also +10 years, reversible at

"Well of Youth") can be found on lvl 2 at (2,14), (1,14), (1,13), (2,13) Be

sure to find and release the sprite on level 3, (6,12).

8. Return to the Sprite's friends at C4(1,7) to receive 2 more Energy

disks, 200 gems, and 250K exp.

9. Huts in sprite forest : +10 Endurance (permanent) at C4(13,4); +10

Intellect (permanent) at C4(6,14); +10 Personality (permanent) D4(6,12);

+10 Accuracy (permanent) E4(5,4); +10 Might (permanent) E4(13,13); +10 Luck

(permanent) F4(2,15)

10. Ogre's Lair: Kill Graalg at D3(11,5) and get 2 Energy Disks.

11. Kill ogres (destroy all three forts), then return to trader at B3(11,4)

and get 150K gold and exp.

12. Vespar's Emerald Handle can be found at E3(13,5). Return to him at

B3(7,1) and get 200K exp and the pass to Sandcaster.

13. Fountain of Youth: F4(6,7) Keeper will give you a key to the Thieves'

tower in the south, and will ask you to find and return the jewel that was

stolen from the fountain. The jewel can be found in the Eastern tower

(Witches' tower). Upon returning it, get 1,000,000 exp plus relief from

magical aging.

14. Thieves' Tower: contains 2 Energy Disks! Get Key from keeper of

Fountain of Youth F4(6,7)

lvl 1: Not clear what the buttons do. I pressed 'em, but to no apparent


lvl 2: Ring gong 3x to make doors easier to open.

lvl 3: Ring gongs 3x to open side passages. Inside are Energy Disks (at

(9,5) and (5,5) ) and boxes of treasure and explosives. One asks for a

password, giving the prompt, "Ali Baba." The answer is "Open Sesame" -- but

your thief must be first in order.

lvl 4: (5,11): Book of Thieves; gives 500K exp to thieves.

15. Sandcaster: contains pass to Lakeside GET PASS FROM VESPAR @ B3(7,1)

(when you return his emerald handle).

a) Craftsman's Challenge (27,17): answer is "Three"

b) Key to Great Eastern Tower: (30,1) in chest.

c) Pass to Lakeside: available at (18,8) for 5000 gold.

d) Guild Membership: (18,10)

e) Merchant's challenge (23,17): Answer is "100"

f) To get to wizards' lair (where Xemoc is) go through the sewers to (1,1).

g) Kill Morgana (1,30) and Xemoc (12,2), and return to Astra (20,14) to get

2,000,000 exp!!!

h) Sandcaster Sewers (25,4): Gymnasium. Pay 50,000 gold to enter and then

get free bodybuilding for everyone and +10 Endurance (x6), + 10 Might (x6).

Such a DEAL!

In wizards' lair: +10 Speed (x3) at (8,1) and (1,10) +10 Intellect (x3) at

(13,3) and (13,5)

i) There are hidden passages at (25,11) and (23,11). Break down the walls

to get in. You'll find potions: +10 speed (x3) and +10 speed (x3).

16. Eastern Tower: contains 2 Energy Disks. GET KEY IN SANDCASTER (30,1)

lvl 3, (11,8) and (7,4): energy disks; lvl 3, (5,11): Jewel of Ages (for

fixing the Fountain of Youth)

book: +5 levels (but removes all secondary skills): lvl 4 (7,4)

+50 intellect: lvl 4 (11,8); multi-use, but only certain classes.

17. Lakeside: Contains Pass to Necropolis, Statuette GET PASS in SANDCASTER

at (18,8)

a) Puzzle solution at (3,5): "Witch." Answer correctly and all get free

guild membership.

b) Pass to Necropolis at (1,14)

c) +25 speed: (6,12) and (14,4) +25 Personality: (14,1) +25 Endurance:


d) Dragon statuette: Sewers, (12,11)

18. Find Caleb's Magnifying glass in gargoyles' lair at F1(10,0); return to

Caleb at E3(13,13) for 500K exp. + 50,000 gold.

19. Find Ector's ring in woodpile at E1(11,12) and return to Ector at

E2(3,12) for obsidian battleaxe + 500K exp.

20. Take treasure map you received from Jethro at Castleview (22,24) when

you gave him the fake treasure map (from Joe at Castleview (26,30)). Follow

the coordinates to E1(1,11). Sell the map to Slibo for 2000 gems.

21. E2(8,15): Listen to the tree. Keep on listening until he gives you

coordinates to the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Gain 250K exp.

22. Great Northern Tower: Contains 2 energy disks. (Visit Bosco at

D1(1,8).) He'll give you the key to the N. Tower, and ask you to retrieve

the chalice inside for him. Go inside... Lots of books here. All have

common sayings in them -- minus the vowels. You must supply the vowels...

1) EEEIOIE; 500K exp. (Let Sleeping Dogs Lie)

2) EOAUAAUE; 500K exp. (He who laughs last, laughs best)

3) EEEOEAOUEIEEEOEE; 500K exp. (The needs of the many outweigh the needs of

the few!)

4) OEOOEIEOOOAEI; 500K exp. (Love of money is the root of all evil)

5) AOOAIOEAEOOAE; 500K exp. ( A fool and his money are soon parted)

6) OOOAIOEIEOU; 500K exp. (Don't look a gift horse in the mouth)

7) IIEEEOEEEOUIE; 500K exp. (If wishes were horses, beggars would ride)

NOTE: BUG!!! They spelled "beggars" with 2 "e's"!!!

Energy Disks: lvl 4 (3,8), (11,8)

Chalice: Answer is "AIE" (you seek "chalice," but give it the vowels only

as you have been doing with the other puzzles!)

23. Take chalice to Bosco at D1(1,8) to receive 100,000 gold + 1,000,000


24. See Giant king at D1(10,5). If you're nice, he'll give you 2 energy

disks. If not, you'll have to fight him, but you'll get lots of armour.

25. Desert:

a) Boulder Puzzle: Go to talking boulder at C2(11,10). Answer to question

is "Paladin" for 1,000,000 exp. + treasure at the other seven boulders: D2:

(0,10), (5,5) (5,10), (0,0) & (5,0); C2 (11,0) & (11,5) (get obsidian

armour at these sites).

b) Rub genies' lamps to get your pick of experience, gold, or gems. I'd

take the gold. Experience comes easily (you'll get more than you need) and

gold gets scarce... There are lamps at B2 (13,9), C2: (2,6), (6,11), and

(3,15), as well as several other places.

26. Necropolis: Statuette, Key to Dungeon of Death Get key from the head

witches' bedroom at Lakeside.

a) Buy guild membership at (10,6) for 50,000 gold

b) Clean the town of monsters. This can be done pretty easily with the

"Holy Word" spell.

c) Visit Sandro at the throne at (10,8). He'll ask you to retrieve his

heart from the sewers below, then attack you. Kill him (only a temporary

measure...he'll attack you again if you look at his throne again!), then go

down into the sewers. From the entrance at (8,5), go south as far as you

can, then west (again as far as you can), then north as far as you can,

then west and take the first right (north), then take the first left

(west), and take the first right (north). You'll come to an alcove

containing Sandro's heart. Return it to Sandro for 2,000,000 exp. plus the

Key to the Dungeon of Death (NOTE: this should be the STONE to the Dungeon

of Death... the DoD is on Cloudside, and requires a STONE, not a KEY!)

d) Also in the sewers are several casks marked "Food of the Dead." If a

character eats from those (after killing the monsters that come out), he

gains 1 level. The character that does so dies, but can be resurrected and

only loses 1 endurance... (be sure to remove his armour before eating --

that way you don't have to get it fixed every time!)

e) There are 9 "Books of the Dead" up in the town. Use these to gain exp.

Your characters will also magically be aged, but this can be reversed by

drinking from the well of youth back at F4(6,7). f) Get the Pegasus

Statuette from the alcove to the right of the throne.

27. Tower of Mok: (Great Western Tower) contains 2 Energy Disks, Statuette.

Visit the ousted Priest of Mok at A3(8,10). He'll ask you to reclaim the

Tower of Mok for him. To get in, you'll need to use the skyroads. Cast

levitate, then take the ladder at A3(14,7). Go south, then take the first

right turn and go west till you get to Kalindra's castle. Jump to the outer

skyroad, and go north till you get to the Mok Tower. Go inside, and search

the bones there. You will find a key to the tower. Go back out, and head

down to the base of the tower (the easy way or the hard way...if you're

impatient like me, just JUMP!) Clean out the tower.

At lvl 1 (8,8) and (6,8) are 2 energy disks.

lvl 1, (7,7) is the third statuette.

28. Go see Priest of Mok at A3(8,10). He'll ask you to meet him inside the

tower. Meet him at lvl 4 (4,10) and he'll give you 500K exp., 10,000 gold,

and 200 gems.

29. Return 3 statuettes to the Druid at A4(13,13) and receive 5 LEVELS!

30. Kalindra's Castle, Part 1: Take 15 energy disks to Ellinger in his

tower at Castleview. He'll open 3/4 of Kalindra's castle. Go visit the


a) Armsmaster: lvl 1 (8,6) FREE!

b) Danger Sense: lvl 1 (8,8) FREE

c) Many of the fireplaces are actually hidden buttons. Most don't appear to

do anything, however. (Some open passages, though).

d) Astrology: lvl 2 (3,6) FREE!

e) Visit Dimitri, Captain of the Guard, on level 2 (10,15); also visit his

daughter at (11,15) on the same floor. She'll give you the key to the

Dungeon on the Isle of Lost Souls, and ask you to bring back the Songbird

of Serenity for her father.

31. Dungeon of Lost Souls: Contains Songbird of Serenity Get key from

Dimitri's Daughter in Castle Kalindra, lvl 2 (11,15).

Level 1: Don't need to flip all of the hourglasses -- just say you did when

you go downstairs.

Level 2: Turn all 4 dials up, then pull the lever. Drink "Soul Waters" for

654,321 exp. Do NOT drink the "Negative Soul Water!" ... But lie and say

you did when you go downstairs.

Level 4: Pull lever at (14,10) (Cast etherealize to get there, or walk

there sideways) and use stairway at (14,12). Note: you'll need lots of

money to do this ...276,000 gold, if I remember right...

Level 5: Lots of opportunity to increase your party's attributes:

+6 endurance for all: (31,15), (20,15), (27,31)

+6 luck for all: (29,15),(26,28)

+6 might for all: (29,17),(31,25)

+6 speed for all: (31,10), (24,31)

+6 personality for all: (20,11), (20,24)

+6 accuracy for all: (29,19), (26,30)

...But no intellect. I guess the designers couldn't come up with a bird

that started with "I"...("Albatross of Accuracy" was going a bit far afield

as it was.) Welllll...for that matter....can I come up with a bird that

starts with "I?" Hmmm. Maybe the "Ibis of Intellect." Hehe.

The Songbird of Serenity can be found at (1,8). Also, the walls (if you

look at them from above) spell out, "My Name is Sheltem."

32. Castle Kalindra, Part 2: Contains 6 Energy Disks Take the Songbird of

Serenity to Capt. Dimitri, and he will tell you that you need to take the

Queen's Crown to her at Castle Blackfang, but that the crown is in the

Queen's safe and only she has the combination. He will, however, give you

the combination of the safes on level 2, which contain 6 energy disks.

(combination is 64,52,31). Give 5 more disks to Ellinger. He'll open the

rest of Castle Kalindra. Youi may explore the top level, now. You can

activate the mirrors (that are found in towers throughout Darkside) at lvl

3(1,1). You can also increase a character's personality or might here.

+10 Personality: lvl3 (8,15), (9,14), (9,15)

+10 Might: lvl 3 (9,0), (9,1), (9,2), (8,2), (8,1)

33. Castle Blackfang, Part 1: Go to Castle Blackfang. You'll discover that

there is no way in. Return to Castle Kalindra.

34. Castle Kalindra, part 3: Return to Capt. Dimitri. He'll tell you to see

Ambrose, the Queen's Champion, to help you get into Castle Blackfang.

35. Find Ambrose at B1(12,5). Tell him that "Dimitri" sent you. He'll give

you a bridle that he needs enchanted. Take the bridle to the enchantress in

Sandcaster (21,4). She will enchant it for 50,000 gold. Return the bridle

to Ambrose, and he'll pay you 50,000 gold. Now, when you go to Castle

Blackfang, he'll be there, ready to take you inside.

36. Castle Blackfang, part 2: contains Key to Royal Pyramid

a) Ring gong at (15,0) to let you upstairs to the Skyroads.

b) Search coffins for vampires and treasure.

c) Go up to top floor and take rear stairs back down to the dungeon. You'll

find the Queen at (1,1). Talk to her twice and she'll give you the

combination to her safe (3,31,62). Go back to Castle Kalindra, retrieve the

crown from the safe at lvl 3 (2,15). Return the crown to the Queen, and

receive 5,000,000 exp. + the Key to the Royal Pyramid.

37. Royal Pyramid D2(0,5) in the desert: lvl 1: Pull 6 levers, then go


"Primes" puzzle:

Smallest prime: "3"

Smallest even: "4"

Smallest prime left: "5"

What's left: "6"

Largest prime: "7"

Twice smallest even: "8"

Smallest squared: "9"

Largest: "10"

Answer all of these correctly, then go and pull at lvl 1 (25,20). This will

open up a passageway at (28,19) to a great deal of obsidian-class treasure

at (23,15).

lvl 2: the answer to the riddle is "1701."

lvl 3: cast etherealize near the upper lefthand corners of the spiral.

lvl 4: See the Dragon Pharoah in the throne. Talk to him for 5,000,000 exp.

He'll tell you to check out the marooned spaceship in the lava near

Necropolis. Also, you can open the safe in that room with the combination

(20,30,1). There's a book in there that'll give everyone 1,000,000 exp.

(Your thief can probably figure out the combination if he's really good,

but mine never got that high. I had to cheat -- see notes about "Cheating

with Resedit" at the end of the walkthrough...)

38. Freeing Corak: Enter the spaceship 3 squares S and a few squares west

of the Necropolis.

a) Activate the Main Console (25,4). Touch heads at either (28,10) or

(28,6). Increases characters' stats, also ages them. These heads are

multi-use, but only work for certain classes.

b) Go to console at (2,8) Answer "Where no man has gone before"

c) Go to throne at (4,8) to find Corak. (+5,000,000 exp). He'll tell you

that you must find some way to conceal him before he can leave the


39. Royal Pyramid, part 2: Contains pass to Olympus. Go back to see the

Dragon Pharoah. He'll give you a pass to Olympus and tell you to look for

the Soulbox in the Olympus sewers. The soulbox will conceal Corak.

40. Olympus: Contains Soulbox. CAST LEVITATE BEFORE YOU PORTAL < HERE! Get

pass from Dragon pharoah.

a) Guild membership at (5,1): FREE! You can learn all spells at Olympus,

and can train up past level 100.

b) Enter sewers through the tavern. Password: "Tribbles" Get soulbox at the

end of the passageway.

41. Return to Corak and he'll climb inside the soulbox, ready to jump out

when you get near Alamar...

42. Alamar's Castle: Keys to Dragon Tower, Darkstone Tower, Amulet of S.

Sphinx, Alamar himself...

Go down to the dungeon level.

(10,15): +5 levels (x2)

(10,11): +5 levels (x2)

(10,7): +5 levels (x2) Pull levers at (6,5) and (8,5). Get key to Dragon

Tower on Cloudside at (13,3).

Once you have gone to Dragon Tower (see #43, below), you will return with

the Silver ID card. Take ID card to skull at (15,5) and he'll open another

passage. Inside, you'll find the Key to Darkstone Tower (also on

Cloudside). Cleaning Darkstone Tower (see #44, below) will get you the Gold

ID card. Give the Gold ID card to the skull at (15,9). He'll open the final

passage, in which you will find 2 potions (+5 levels x3) and Prince Roland.

Free him, and he'll give you 5,000,000 exp and the Amulet of the Southern

Sphinx. He will ask you to retrieve the Chime of Opening in order to open

the door leading from the top level of Darkstone Tower to the Cloud Layer

above, so that he and Kalindra may be married up there. Go up, now, to

level 1. Going forward from the entrance, you'll come to a large room with

4 statues. Visit all four statues, then go to the stairwell. Go up, and

you'll find yourself in a room with sundials at all four corners. Turn all

of the dials to "9," and then go to the head in the center of the room. It

should ask for Alamar's true name. ("Sheltem") You may now go up to the

next floor. The 3rd level is a patchwork of earth, air, fire, and water.

One of the statues in the dungeon (or maybe in Shangri-La?) gives the order

of squares that you need to take to reach the other side. BE SURE TO CAST




This should get you to the other side. Go forward, and Sheltem will drag

you in, and... Watch the movie. (Corak will pop out and'll

see.) You'll receive the "Cube of Power" from this quest's completion.

43. Dragon Tower D1(10,5): contains the Silver ID card Get the key for the

Dragon Tower in the Dungeon of Alamar's Castle on Darkside.

Tower: When you enter the tower, there is a fellow off to your left that

will ask you to bring him a dragon egg. Going forward, you will find

yourself facing three sets of stairs. The outer two will lead you up to

dead ends, but you will find the dragon egg at the top of one and both of

them contain lots of treasure and potions that give you +40 endurance (x4)

apiece. Take the dragon's egg back to the fellow < at the entrance and

you'll get 1,000,000 exp -- of course, you'll also have to fight him after

he drinks the egg and turns into a dragon king...

Cloud Layer: Now, go up the center stairs. On level 4, you'll find 2 "Tomes

of Great Experience," which give all players +10,000,000 exp. (Also, you'll

find 3 chests, but you probably won't be able to open them until later,

when your characters are enhanced.) Cast levitate, go up onto the cloud

layer, and kill off all the dragons. The technique of "backing into them"

works really well here. If you walk up to them (forward), they'll just hose

you before you ever get within striking range!

Once you've cleaned out the dragons, you can use the crystals, which will

give you +3-5 levels (the number awarded is random, so I suggest saving and

restoring the game until the characters get +5 levels every time.) Now, go

check out the statue at (15,30). The code word you need is "Infinity," and

it will give you the Silver ID card. This will, however, release about ten

energy dragons, so BACK UP towards the dragon tower, and kill them as you

go. Once you've killed them all, visit the well at (33,30) to temporarily

gain 50 levels, and then go back to open the chests on the 4th level. Your

thief should be skilled enough, at this point, to open the chests. Hint: it

helps to take off everyone's armour before you open a chest -- the chest

really gives everybody a good wallop, and generally kills at least one

person (and knocks several others unconscious). You really don't want to

have to fix their armour every time...

44. Darkstone Tower, Part 1: contains the Gold ID card. Get the key for

Darkstone Tower in the Dungeon of Alamar's Castle on Darkside.

Ring gongs on each of the levels to pass to the next.

Hint: The statues in the corners are useless...

When you get to the top, there will be two skulls in the middle. One will

give you a hint, while the other will ask you a question. The answer to the

question is "120." This will release the field around the blue box, which

contains the Gold ID card. Note that you cannot pass to the cloud level,

yet -- a force repels you.



1. Waking the four elementals: Go to the Skyroads over Darkside. The Outer

Skyroad is shaped like a square, with patches of the four elements at the

corners. Cast levitate, and go stand on each of the squares. You will be

asked what you want. Speak the name of the element (ie, on the fire square,

say "fire"). This will send you into the elemental plane, where you can

wake the elemental. The elemental sits on a throne somewhere in the middle

of the plane: Fire: (3,12) Water: (3,3) Air: (12,12) Earth: (12,3) Don't

bother taking the test of the elements (at the shrine on those plane) or

trying to open the chests there. You'll just die...

2. While you're on the outer skyroads, at about the center of the 4 sides

of the square, there is a wagon. The "Merchant of Elements" inside will ask

you a question. The answers are as follows: Between air and earth = DUST;

Between fire and air = SMOKE; Between water and earth = MUD; Between fire

and water = STEAM. You'll receive 250K exp each.

3. Find Everhot Lava Rock at E2(7,11), Cloudside, and give it to Halon the

Geek at B3(9,6). Receive exp. and a widget.

4. Dungeon of Death : E3(3,4), Cloudside

Level 1

1: *sigh* It's a crossword puzzle.

1: scepter

2: teleportation

3: distortion

4: leprechaun

5: vampire

6: kalindra

7: magic

8: nova

9: revitalize

10: seer

11: mummy

12: error

13: corak

14: acid

15: arena

16: archer

17: tito

18: sorceress

19: resurrection

20: ranger

21: alamar

22: severe

23: therewolf

24: necropolis

25: snout

26: knowledge

27: flamberge

28:?? use

29: ?? spell (I may have gotten

28 and 29 mixed)

30: prestidigitator

31: vulture

32: gold

33: agile

34: fable

35: fisherman

36: clairvoyance

37: trident

38: swine

39: skeleton

40: sandcaster

41: energy

42: darkstone

43: dragon

44: castleview

45: winterkill

46: tether

47: sphinx

48: beast

49: might

50: disease

51: page

52: criminal

53: druid

54: octopus

55: arachnoid

56: wizard

57: griffin

58: insect

59: moat

60: fear

61: accuracy

62: falista

63: eerie

64: centipede

65: mountaineer

66: alligator

67: dungeon

68: rat

69: gargoyle

70: startle

71: armadillo

72: goblin

73: mummy

74: undead

75 venom

76: mirror

77: xeen

78: barbarian

79: pegasus

80: crown

81: jvc

82: prisoner

83: orb

84: cartographer

85: sewer

86: stumble

87: minotaur

88: crusader

89: elements

Once you've completed the puzzle, you will be allowed down to the next

level. All characters will gain 5 levels automatically.

Level 2: Go ahead and pull all the levers that you can as you go. I never

found out what they did, but they certainly don't hurt you! You'll get to a

large room just after the "game room." Inside are several shrines. Destroy

the Shrine of Minor Evil for 1,000,000 exp, the Shrine of Lesser Evil for

2,000,000 exp, and the Shrine of Great Evil for 5,000,000 exp -- but DON'T

destroy the Shrine of Ultimate Evil. It'll destroy Xeen!

Note that there are hallways branching off of this main room. Take the very

last hallway. At the end (0,0), turn the dial (doesn't matter how much). A

new passage will appear behind you. Inside are coffins that contain

vampires and LOTS of obsidian-class treasure. There is also a dial (17,2)

that will open a passage back to the beginning of the level, and a stairway

leading down to level 3...

Level 3: You need to ring the four gongs, then pull the lever. You can edge

by the treasures by going SIDEWAYS (you needn't cast etherealize every

time). The gongs are at: (2,3), (2,28), (27,30), and (29,4). Ring them all,

then pull the lever at (17,3) to reveal a stairway down to the last level.

Level 4: Equip your Lord Xeen Slayer Sword. Destroy all the Lord Xeens and

the Lord Xeen machines at the four corners of this level (2,3), (27, 3),

(28,29), and (3,29) -- get 5,000,000 exp each! Go to the main terminal

Enter Code "Computer" ...he he ... and you'll become a "Super Goober!"

5. Southern Sphinx: contains Chime of Opening Get amulet from Prince

Roland, in the Dungeon of Alamar's Castle.

Body: Drinking several of the barrels will give you 2,000,000 exp, but also

give you quite a kick. I don't recommend doing so -- you really DON'T need

the experience...The coffins are all hell to open (need strength >250), but

they contain obsidian-class treasure.

Dungeon: contains seven "Super-Embalming Potions," which give a

character +5 levels, at (14,5), (15,0), (0,13), (0,0), (12,10), (2,1),


Also gives hints about the name of the Sphinx ("Picard")

Head: To get to the head, you'll need to give the name of the sphinx. The

name is "Picard." Once inside, go to the SECOND throne, and exchange the

widget that you got from Halon for the Chime of Opening.

6. Turning on four reflectors: Go to the four corners of the world.

Teleport out to the scrap of land that you can see off the edge of the

world (e.g., from F1(13,10), teleport north 5; from A1(2,11) teleport north

4; From A4(4,2) teleport west 4; and from F4(10,11) teleport east 4). Turn

on the reflectors that you see there.

7. Darkstone Tower, Part 2:

The Wedding: Once you've done everything else, go to the top of Darkstone

Tower. Now that you have the chime of opening, you should be able to get to

the cloud level. Cast levitate, and follow the cloud spiral around and

around and around and around until you get to the center pyramid. Watch the

movie... and try not to grimace at the consummation of the



Equipment Attributes:



Melee Weapons


Item Classes Damage


Bardiche KPA TN R 4-16

Battle Axe KPA T B R 3-15

Broad Sword KPA T R 3-12


Cudgel KPAC TNBDR 1-6

Cutlass KPA T R 2-8

Dagger KPA STNBDR 2-4

Flail KPAC TNBDR 1-10

Flamberge KPA R 4-20

Glaive KPA TNB R 4-12

Grand Axe KPA T B R 3-18

Great Axe KPA T B R 3-21

Halberd KPA TNB R 3-18

Hammer KPAC TNBDR 2-10

Hand Axe KPA TNBDR 2-6

Katana KP N 4-12

Long Sword KPA T R 3-9



Naginata KP N 5-15

Nunchakas KP N 2-6

Pike KPA TNB R 2-16

Sabre KPA T R 4-8

Scimitar KPA T R 2-10

Short Sword KPA T R 2-6

Spear KPA TNBDR 1-9


Trident KPA TNB R 2-12

Wakazashi KP N 3-9

Ranged Weapons


Item Classes Damage


Crossbow KPA TNB R 4-8

Long Bow KPA TNB R 5-10

Short Bow KPA TNB R 3-6

Sling KPA TNB R 2-4



Item Classes AC


Chain Mail KPAC T R +6

Leather Armor KPAC TNBDR +3

Padded Armor KPACSTNBDR +2

Plate Armor KP +10

Plate Mail KP +8

Ring Mail KPAC TN R +5

Scale Armor KPAC TNB R +4

Splint Mail KP C R +7

Miscellaneous Items


Item Classes AC













Gauntlets KPACSTNBDR +1






Jewelry, Ancient KPAC TN R 0











Shield KP C T B R +4




Substances & Properties


Substance/Property To Hit Damage AC Attribute/



Acccelerator +23 Speed

Accurate +5 Accuracy

Acidic +2 Acid/Poison +10 Acid/Poison Res.

Amber +3 +3 +3

Arcane +25 SP

Archmage +20 SP

Armored +4 AC

Blazing +14 Fire +25 Fire Res.

Brass +3 -4 -2

Bronze +2 -2 -1

Buddy +2 Pers.

Burgler +6 Thievery

Castor's +8 SP

Chance +10 Luck.

Charisma +12 Pers.

Charm +5 Pers.

Clever +2 Intell.

Cold +10 Cold +20 Cold Res.

Coral +1 +1 +1

Criminal +20 Thievery

Cryo ? +25 Cold Res.

Crystal +1 +1 +1

Defender +6 AC

Dense +4 Energy +9 Energy Res.

Diamond +9 +30 ?

Divine +16 AC

Dragon +38 Might

Dyna +25 Elec. Res.

Ebony +4 +4 +4

Ectoplasmic +20 Magic Res.

Electric +15 Elec. +20 Elec.Res.

Emerald +7 +15 +12

Exacto +30 Accuracy

Fast +5 Speed

Fiery +7 Fire +7 Fire Res.

Flaming ? +15 Fire Res.

Flashing ? +12 Elec. Res.

Flickering ? +5 Elec. Res.

Force +23 Might

Fuming +5 Fire +12 Fire Res.

Gamblers +25 Luck

Genius +30 Intellec

Giant +12 Might

Glass 0 0 0

Glowing ? +5 Energy Res.

Gold +4 +8 +6

Holy +30 Pers.

Icy ? +5 Cold Res.

Incandescent ? +7 Energy Res.

Iron +1 +2 +1

Kinetic ? +25 Energy Res.

Knowledge +12 Intellect

Lapis +2 +2 +2

Leadership +17 Pers.

Leather -4 -6 0

Leprachauns +30 Lck.

Life +10 HP

Lucky +20 Luck

Mage +16 SP

Magical +10 Magic Res.

Marksman +10 Accuracy

Might +2 Might

Mystic ? +5 Magic Res.

Noxious +32 Acid/Poison +40 Acid/Poison Res.

Obsidian +10 +50 +20

Ogre +8 Might

Pearl +2 +2 +2

Personality +8 Pers.

Photon +47 Might

Platinum +6 +10 +8

Poisonous +8 Acid/Poison +20 Acid/Poison Res.

Power ? +13 Energy Res.

Precision +15 Accuracy

Protection +2 AC

Pyric ? +9 Fire Res.

Quartz +5 +5 +5

Quick +2 Speed

Radiating ? +20 Energy Res.

Rapid +8 Speed

Rogue +15 Thievery

Ruby +6 +12 +10

Sage +5 Intellect

Sapphire +8 +20 +14

Scorching ? +30 Fire Res.

Seething ? +20 Fire Res.

Sharp +3 Accuracy

Shocking ? +15 Elec.Res.

Silver +2 +4 +2

Speed +12 Speed

Spell +55 SP

Sonic ? +11 Energy Res.

Sparking ? +7 Elec.Res.

Static ? +9 Elec.Res.

Steel +3 +6 +4

Swift +3 Speed

Thought +8 Intellect

Thunder +17 Might

Toxic +16 Acid/Poison +25 Acid/Poison Res.

True +20 Accuracy

Velocity +30 Spd.

Venemous +4 Acid/Poison +15 Acid/Poison Res.

Warrior +5 Might

Wind +17 Speed

Winners +15 Luck

Wisdom +23 Intellect

Witch +12 SP

Wooden -3 -3 -3

Special Attributes


Special Attribute Effect


of Acid Spraying Acid Spray

of Acid Stream Acid Stream

of Aid First Aid

of Antidotes Cure Poison

of Awakening Awaken

of Beacons Lloyd's Beacon

of Blessing Blessed

of Cold Rays Cold Ray

of Curing Cure Wounds

of Detect Magic Detect Magic

of Distortion Time Distortion

of Elements Prot. from Elem.

of Enchantment Enchant Item

of Energy Blast Energy Blast

of Feasting Create Food

of Feeble Minding Feeble Mind

of Fiery Flails Fiery Flail

of Fireballs Fireball

of Fists Flying Fist

of Frost Biting Frost Bite

of the GODS! Divine Intervention

of Half for Me Half for Me

of Heroism Heroism

of Holy Bonuses Holy Bonus

of Identification Identify Monster

of Immobilization Immobilize

of Incinerating Incinerate

of Jumping Jump

of Levitation Levitate

of Light Light

of Lightning Lightning Bolt

of Mass Distortion Mass Distortion

of Megavoltage Mega Volts

of Moon Rays Moon Ray

of Monster Finding Detect Monster

of Nature Nature's Cure

of Paralyzing Paralyze

of Power Cure Power Cure

of Prismatic Light Prismatic Light

of Protection Day of Protection

of Raising the Dead Raise Dead

of Recharging Recharge Item

of Resurrection Resurrect

of Revitalization Revitalize

of Ropes Create Rope

of Shielding Power Shield

of Silence Silence

of Sleeping Sleep

of Sorcery Day of Sorcery

of Sparking Sparks

of Storms Elemental Storm

of Stone to Flesh Stone to Flesh

of Teleportation Teleport

of Undead Turning Turn Undead

of Vaccination Cure Disease

of Water Walking Walk on Water

(Eqpt. List Compiled by: Wong Chee Kong for M&M III

Date: 21 Nov 1991

Updated for W. of Xeen by P.Sears 6/18/95)


There are lots of bugs in this version. This is a list of some of them...

and possible workarounds...

1. General Crashing (version 1.0): First and foremost, as everyone seems to

have noticed, it crashes an awful lot. For most of the crashes, there

aren't any known fixes. Some people swear by starting up the computer

without any extensions except Quicktime 2.0 and Quicktime Power Plug.

Others say that even that doesn't always work. (Doesn't work really well

for me, but then I have some extensions - screen drivers and Stacker and

the like -- that cannot be disabled...) One thing that I have found to be

true, however, is that the game crashes far less often when the sound

effects, speech, and music are turned OFF.

Also, according to Drew Kim (, the

game crashes far less often if you quit the finder. You must write a short

program to do this, as putting Xeen in the background and trying to "Force

Quit" the Finder (apple-option-esc) doesn't work. This has the added

advantage of getting rid of the desktop in the background.

NOTE: Much of the crashing has been fixed by the 1.0 -> 1.1 patch,

available at and its mirrors (try

2. The infamous "blacksmith" bug (the game crashes when you try to leave

the blacksmith's shop) can be avoided generally by clicking on the "Sell"

button before you leave. (FIXED BY 1.0 -> 1.1 PATCH)

3. The game crashes reproducably at the endgame sequence on Cloudside. This

does NOT cause a problem insofar as completing the game is concerned (the

game automatically saves just prior to the offending QT Movie, and when you

restart the game after the crash, you will find yourself in back

Castleview, at a point JUST AFTER the crash sequence). It is, however, kind

of a pain, and New World Computing promises a patch sometime in the near

future (as of 5/20/95, they said it would be 2 weeks or so). You can still

view the QT movie by typing "Showtime" at any of the mirrors. (FIXED BY 1.0

-> 1.1 PATCH)

4. Second letter of Dwarven Mine code should read _L___, not _I___ (you

want deep mine ALPHA, not deep mine AIPHA!)

5. In the clues to the cartography puzzle in Castleview, the guy should say

"If the Great Northern Tower is WEST of Lakeside, cross out W,U, and I,"

not "If EAST of..."

6. In the cave of illusion, the skull at level 1, (9,8) offers +2 speed,

and gives +2 might.

7. Great Northern Tower: In "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride,"

"beggars" is spelled with two "e's"...i.e., "beggers."

8. The "Key to the Dungeon of Death" that you get from Sandro should be a

Stone, actually, not a key.

Easter Eggs:

1. Enter "Count du Money" in any mirror on Cloudside to get to a treasure

room in the dragon caves.

2. Enter "I Lost It" in any mirror on Cloudside to get a Xeen Slayer Sword!

3. Enter Showtime, Showdown, or Genesis to see the endgames for the

Cloudside, Darkside, and the Final Quests, respectively.

4. Enter "computer" in the terminal at the base of the Dungeon of Death to

become a "Super Goober." BWAHahaha!

Cheating with Resedit:

1. Most of the answers to the riddles can be found in the text resources of

the files in the folder, "Xeen Data." Most of the easter eggs can, too!

This is how, for example, I got the combination to the safe in the Royal

Pyramid and the found the password "Computer" for the computer terminal in

the Dungeon of Death.

2. Adding a resize button to the 12" window: acccording to Drew Kim

(, you can add a resize box to the

window by using Resedit to edit the Xeen application. Open WIND resource

200 and click on the third window type (has a grow box). Close and save.

This will make the window resizeable, but the fonts will look pretty nasty.

Questions? Corrections (probably)? Suggestions (undoubtedly!)?

E mail me at