The History of... Moon Base Tycho BBS
December 22 1989: The Christmas Party at Woody's. Woody, who went by the handles of Captain Picard and Gooseman, and his mother, who went by the handle of Mother Goose, held a party for all the modemers that frequently their board the USS Enterprise. It was at this party that I first decided to run a BBS. 

Early 1990: Woody help me with the technical details of running a BBS. When I was ready to set up the BBS, I had to decide on a theme. My concept of what my BBS was going to be changed daily. The first theme was the Dragon's Paint Brush. It was going to feature ansi graphics and gif files. Then James Ready and Woody wanted me to join a local network of all Star Trek boards. My BBS was suppose to be the Kllingon Empire. That was the plan until March when I saw my first episode of Tiny Toons. 

The Story 
April 1st 1990: The BBS begins operation. The name of the BBS is Acme Acres. It is running Telegard 2.4. The system configuration was:1200 modem, Tandy 1000 ex, a 360k drive and a 720k drive. 

Mid April 1990: First BBS upgrade. Now running Telegard 2.5i on 2400 baud modem, Insight 386-16 sx with 4 megs ram, 1.22 and 1.44 drive, and 65 meg hard drive 

Early May 1990: Joined fido net for the first time! 

Mid May 1990: The BBS became beta site for Telegard. Now running 2.5k beta 

Early June 1990: Fido net hub and main telegard support, Uss Enterprise BBS goes down for Maryland. Leaving all harford county Telegard BBSes without support and no connect to Fidonet 

Mid June 1990: I dropped Fidonet. 

Mid July 1990: Changed to WWIV 4.11 and changed BBS name to Acme Acres II (the numbers became a running gag) 

August 1990: Joined Renegade Net. This was a WWIV based net created by the sysop of Whiplash Fantasy BBS. This has no relation to Renegade BBS software. 

September 1990: Change to Telegard 2.5i and became Acme Acres III. The WWIV software crashed due to modding. With the lose of WWIV, Renegade Net was also dropped. 

October 1990: Completely reworked the look of the BBS and called it Acme Acres 4. 

December 1990: Changed it back due to popular demand and called it Acme Acres 5. 

February 1991: BBS crashed and began anew still running Telegard 2.5i 

April 2nd 1991: Renamed the BBS Moon Base Tycho BBS. 

The summer of 1991: I went through several BBS software changes. Including WWIV (3.21,4.00,4.11,&4.20), VBBS, RBBS, Telegard (1.8, 2.9e alpha, and 2.5g), and many more. 

October 1991: Due to personal depression on the part of the sysop, the BBS was taken down for a month. 

November 1991: MBT went back up again. Now running Tag 2.5i. 

April 1992: After the lost of several modems, the I just gave up and took the BBS down vowing "it is dead and will never go up again." The BBS was back up by the end of the month. 

July 1992: BBS upgrade (ha ha) to Telegard 2.7. 

July 29, 1992: Mars, my future wife, calls Moon Base Tycho for the first time. During this time, I would quickly get home after work be online for chatting when she called. 

August 1992: I changed software to Renegade. While this was not a smooth transition, it was for the best. 

September 1992: I added CD-Rom. Giving over 600 megs of transfers. I spent over $600 on a single speed Cdrom. Let this be a lesson to everyone to NOT get the latest and greatest thing on the market. However the unit did serve us well. 

October 1992: I got a hold of source code of Telegard BBS software. The software was renamed Project Coyote BBS and rewriting began. Every once in awhile I get this bright idea that I want to write a program. I keep forgetting that I do not have the will power to code for hours on end. 

November 1992: MBT began running PC-BBS full time. This would only last for 2 months. 

December 1992: The BBS moves from Edgewood to Rosedale because I moved in with Mars. 

Mid January 1993: The BBS is transferred over to 9600 baud, running under OS/2 and Renegade. The Telegard source code I had did not support high speed modems well, and I wasn't a good enough programmer to handle the problem. So Renegade, we go. However, lock ups began and data kept getting lost. This is also about the time that we registered Scrabble! The problems all were related to the 9600 Zoom modem. I called technical support. After several months of Zoom saying that every part of my computer was causing the problem, they finally admitted that it might be the modem. So they advise me to order some chips and swap them for ones on the modem. This made things worse. I called Zoom tech support again. I explained what I did. He then laughed at me and said that by doing what THEY INSTRUCTED ME TO DO, I had violated my warranty and would receive no more tech support. I advice everyone to never buy anything from Zoom. 

February 1993: We transfer the BBS into the 386 and ran it under desview. I thought the timing of my 486 mother board was the cause of the problems. As noted above, it wasn't. 

April 1993: Third year birthday! The lockups have stop. The BBS has been running smooth as silk. We registered Dominoes and Triangle Solitaire. Now running Renegade at version 04-01-93 

June 27th 1993: Calamity Coyote (Me) and Mars get married. 

July 1993: The 9600 baud modem and the CD rom were removed. The modem was defective. The CD rom wasn't being used that much for transfers and support for it under os/2 was difficult at best. 

August 1993: Joined MysticNet. Running July version of Renegade and now supporting Rip, Ansi, Avatar and Ascii graphics. Also registered Matchmaker. 

October 1993: A very busy month. The first Scrabble tournament was held. The last game was between Daraputi and Tom Watson with Tom Watson winning. Also the first and only Moon Base Tycho Halloween party was held. SuperSlots is now registered. 

December 1993: Now running Renegade version 12-25-93 exp versions. 

1994 & 1995: Things begin to run very smoothly. So I didn't bother to update this history file. So as for now I am trying to work through my cloudy memory. If you see something that you know is wrong or missing, please email me. 

Early 1994: We have another Scrabble party and a party at Coffee's house. At Coffee's party we played Clue and Dominoes' Pizza. The game of Dominoes's Pizza is one where the players (US) attempt to get a pizza that was close to our order. After several tries, we had to drive to Dominoes just to get the order correct. Multi-line Tycho was first discussed around this time. 

Spring 1994: Tycho joins ITC Net and Pseudo Net. Also Dominion Net was create around this time. This was my net but it never took off. The small Dominion net, a net dedicate to Sci Fi, only had six boards carrying it at its height. 

Summer 1994: Renegade releases a very stable version of the software in July. Around this time, we feel its time for us to get another high speed modem. After the horrible Zoom modem experience, the BBS has been at 2400 for over a year. First we tried a used Boca. Oddly enough, the 14.4 Boca did not allow the floppy drives to work. Then we get the US Robotics 14.4 Sportster. A wonderful modem for once! 

Fall 1994: Around October we had another Scrabble get together. This time was the Dandelion Cult BBS vs MBT. We lost big time! We also joined Fidonet. 

February 1995: Moon Base Tycho is at long last multi-line. We register multi-user games such as Legend of the Red Dragon, Arrow Bridge and Multi-Player Scrabble. Oddly we never got the registered version of Multi-User Scrabble. 

Summer of 1995: For some odd reason, we started having bowling parties. Biweekly and monthly trips to local Rock-n-bowls were a blast. 

September 1995: The fun was over. Most of our great friends that we have met over the years stopped calling. They either found other interest (the internet) or moved away. The BBS software was trouble some. On top of that, Fidonet was a constant flame war. 

October 1995: As a last ditch effort to renew my interest in the BBS, I changed the software to Telegard 3.0 beta. It was more frustration and probably brought on end of the BBS. 

November 1995: The last get together. We were going to hold a big surprise birthday party for our friend Lynn (Coffee). We expected around 50 people, only 6 showed up. Lynn wasn't one that showed up. We did met up with Lynn at an IHOP later. 

January 1st 1996: Moon Base Tycho BBS goes offline. 

Calamity & Mars