Welcome to my Micronaut home page.  Starting in 1993, I finished my Micronaut collection about two years ago. I don't have a "complete" collection by any means but I have virtually all the figures that I want. Yeah I kind of like to have a Kronos in better condition and there are a few Japanese Acroyears I wouldn't turn down. Just keep in mind that there is a fine line between collecting and mental illness and I'm not about to cross it.

Besides the toys, I have all the Micronaut comics. Thanks to their rather low value to collectors, the comics have been far easier to collect. 

As a kid, my favorite toys in the whole wide world were the Micronauts. Every Christmas I got arm full of them. I had just about every toy in the line and all the color combinations. Sadly, around 1985, I sold them all in order to buy Nintendo games. So now I get to buy them again, at higher prices. For those of you who might be wondering, I played with Micronauts from when I was eight years old till I was fourteen years old.

Pictures of My Collection

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