My Computer

My current gaming rig is a slightly modified HP 8770c.

CPU: AMD Athlon 850. Slot A
Power Supply: 300 watt Athlon rated
Motherboard: ASUS K7M
Ram: 384 megs of ram
Video: ATI Radeon All in Wonder 32 megs ddr
Soundcard: Creativelabs Soundblaster 128 pci
network: 3com PCI Etherlink 10/100
modem: Lucent v90+dsl modem
Hard drives: 45 gig Western Digital.
CDrom: HP 8020i CD writer. Samsung sd612 DVD-rom. 
Mouse: Microsoft Intellieye. 
Controllers: MS Sidewinder 3D pro stick & MS Sidewinder Gamepad
Running Windows XP Home edition


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