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Friday, September 11th, 1998

Braveheart - The RTS

Fastest Game News is reporting that Eidos has licensed BraveHeart to be the theme of their new real time strategy game. The film's star, Mel Gibson, will play a part in the games content. The game is going to be a 3D strategy game similar to Myth.

Play Zelda 64 a month early

Fastest Game News again is reporting that Zelda 64 will be available to play in select stores via kiosks a full month before it goes on sale. The kiosks will start appearing towards the end of October.

Duel: The Mage Wars delayed in US

PC gamer is reporting that Mythos Games is currently without a US distributor. This leaves the greatly anticipated Duel: The Mage Wars in limbo. Virgin, who was suppose to publish the game in the US, was recently bought out by EA. Mythos hopes to find a new publisher before Christmas.

Friday, September 4th, 1998

Baldur's Gate Comes This Way

Several game sites have stated that a gold candidate for Baldur's Gate is going to be shipped on September 15th to Interplay. If it passes, we can expect to see Baldur's Gate either late September or early October.

Sunday, August 30, 1998

The Beginning

Hey! Welcome to the news page. Ok, so you are asking yourself, "What has changed besides the title and the url?" Specifically, I’m not doing the same type of news anymore. Sure there will be announcements such as when Heroes of Might & Magic 3 is shipped and I will post press releases but don’t expect me detailing every step of development. I found doing that part of the old page to be such a drag. I will focus more on New World Computing’s Might & Magic series but there is room for all other RPG and fantasy strategy games.

Ok, so why the change the name of the page? To be honest, I really didn’t like infringing on New World Computing’s trademark. They never mind, or at lest never spoke of it to me, but the title wasn’t mine. I need to create, not just copy or emulate. Plus it simulated a new beginning. A chance to get away from the massive mistakes of the past.

Why the URL change? I changed ISP to save money. More money for games, the better. :)

Free scenarios

This was in my mailbox:

Thank you for registering Warlords(tm) III: Darklords Rising(tm). We
hope you are enjoying your quest for ridding all evil from the lands of

We wanted to send you a quick email to offer you 3 free scenarios for
having taken the time to register Darklords Rising. To receive these
scenarios just point your web browser to and download the zipped file
to your hard drive. Then read the included readme.doc file for
instructions on how to install and use the scenarios.

For more information about Warlords III: Darklords Rising or other
games by Red Orb Entertainment be sure to visit our web sites at and/or