I am interested in hearing other people's opinions and reactions to
the Postal Beta that was just released.In case anyone cares, here are mine.
"Only my guns understand me." - Postal dude
First, for those who haven't heard of Postal, let me explain the game
a bit. you play a character who has had a bad life and finally snaps.
Perchieved demons are everywhere and you must take care of them. So
you load up your gun and go on a killing spree. Yes, your playing the
bad guy. Straight from newspaper headlines, the game simulates the
lone nut on the rampage.
The beta features one level. You are at a construction site and dozens
of police officers have you surrounded. There are no unarmed
characters. The object is to shoot them all and get to the end of the
level. Since your out majorly gunned, you have to use a lot of skill
to complete it. It isn't easy.
When I first heard about Postal, I thought "coooool!" However as I had
time to thing about it, the game's concept began to appear deeply
distrubing. Never the less, as soon as the beta was available, I
snatched it up. After playing it a few hours, I came to the
realization that postal is nothing new beyond the theme being honest.
In fact, I'm willing to bet most of you have played Postal already.
Its been called Crusader: No Regret and No Remorse. Now I know the
games are similar just because they are both 3/4 perspective shooters.
It goes deeper than that. Crusaders' and Postal both have a main
character who turns against established socity for a perchieved good
and victims who die horrorable deaths with some being very similar. As
for the victims begging and moaning, this was done years ago in Rise
of the Triad. In short, I was dissapointed that Postal didn't push the
limits. Now I know if it did, I might complain about that too. I'm
just expressing my feelings. This could easily change. Add a pizza
place full of unarmed kids and their parents to the game, and the
limits will be pushed.
Game play, Postal beta is pretty good. Hiding behind objects to
survive the hale of gun fire is a lot of fun. The control is perfect,
even for a beta. Overall, its better than Crusader. However Crusader
has better graphics and more shock value. Postal's main character had
some humorous one liners like Duke 3D and Blood which added some. Will
I buy Postal? Probably. I enjoy 3/4 shooters and own just about all of
them. However there are a huge number of games coming out in a few
months and it may get looked over for say Monkey Island 3.

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