Pushing Daises

Back in 1998 I finally got around to getting the cartooning bug out of my system. I started drawing a twice a week cartoon strip called Pushing Daises. The basic theme behind it was the daily "lives" of the dead. The center character was to be Fred the Grim Reaper. I don't feel that it was particularly good. It only lasted about 4 months and towards the end, the art and the writing was starting to come together. I honestly expected to be flamed by people telling me how bad it was. That wasn't what happen. I got quite a number of emails saying they liked the style. Most mentioned they wanted me to focus more on the duck. 

    I was just testing the waters. I got burned out and frustrated really quick. I learned a lot and I may try to created another comic in the future. Its doubtful since free web hosting (or at lest free web hosting that will allow enough bandwidth to publish a strip) is going away but I have some interesting ideas. Now if only I could draw... 

10-17-98 - I really don't know why I even published this one. It was the first drawing I did. It hurts to look at it. I wanted to have a running gag where old people would be running away from and tricking Fred. This was the only time I did this gag.

10-20-98 - Jersey Devil was my favorite character. Too bad he looks the the cartoon character Doug with horns.


10-27-98 - Remember the Blair Witch? Yeah, me neither...


11-03-98 - Baroness Kim was named after someone in my wife's daycare association. Someone we don't like.


11-10-98 - Went full color. Really improved the look of the strip



11-21-98 - I really liked how this stripped looked






At this point I am missing 5 whole episodes. I was drawing completely on the computer an uploading them to Tripod. Well, its mostly my fault because I didn't back them, however Tripod lost my web page right as I was rebuilding my computer and 5 episodes to disappeared.

02-07-00 A year had past since I lost a months work because of Tripod. After that I couldn't continue. I drew one last strip to finish it.

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