As if anyone really cared, here is my opinion on the Xcom 3 demo.
Xcom 1 is my all time favorite game. Any game with the Xcom name is
going to have a lot to live up to. Overall I wasn't as disappointed as
others were in this demo. In fact I am willing to say that Xcom 3
still has a chance of topping Xcom 1.
Game Play - This is were Xcom 3 really shines. Just the added feature
of allowing you to have the option of ordering your men (or women) to
stand their ground by acting aggressive or run when shot at adds life
to the battle field. I even found that the added number of hits
required for a kill is a good thing. Makes those scouting parties less
vulnerable. However there is a negative side. The real time isn't very
good. I've played about five games in turn based and three games in
real time. Even with the slow speed of my troops, real time was too
confusing. It wouldn't be so bad if Xcom III in real time mode had a
Close Combat interface but it doesn't. The Xcom III interface, like
all other Xcoms is complex and not suited for click fest. I do like
the idea that the full game, there is a third option for real time
movement switching to turnbased when aliens are spotted.
Sound - I feel that this category is an all around improvement. I like
the music and sound.
Graphics - Errrr... I know what they were doing, and the succeeded,
somewhat, but why? I understand that they had to do something
different or else everyone would have been bitchin that they didn't
change anything. I wanted a change. I've grown tired of fighting the
Greys. Xcom III is going after the 1950's future. (Ei The Jetsons,
Flash Gordon, and Metropolis) Which I kinda like, but it seems a bit
to light in this day in age. Also, because of this format, the game
looks like it uses only 32 or so colors. Its different, not bad, just
different. That's my story and I'm sticking too it. However then we
have the aliens. Is this attack of the play dough or what? The grey
exploders and the brain suckers were ok, the blue marshmallows have
got to go. The Xcommies look pretty good though. I'll just have to
wait to see the other aliens before making a final decision. The best
I can say is the graphics don't hurt the game play. They aren't as
good as I hoped but they are acceptable. 
Interface/control - Nice improvements. I like the Xcom squad task bar
and the weapons control is improved in the layout. The one thing
missing is a next Xcommie button. More than one I've had forgotten
someone in the corner.
Setup- In dos, runs fine. In Win95, it crashes and there is no sound.
This has become a theme as of late with Win95. I think though it might
be the latest Direct X drivers. I'm using Directx 3b so that might beit.
So the bottom line, will I buy it when it comes out? Yes

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